Best Balm for Dogs Paws

When it comes to winter, your dog is not as tough as you think. While they may be able to stand the cold for a little while, their paws will be hurting and freezing without proper care. When the snow falls and temperatures drop below twenty degrees Fahrenheit (or -6 Celsius), there are several things that you can do in order to keep your pup’s feet warm and happy.

What is the Balm for Dogs Paws ?

A balm for dog’s paws is typically used to protect your pet’s paw pads from the elements. Winter weather can cause harm to their paw pads, leaving them cracked and dry. A proper sick of paw pads can prevent damage that may lead to infections later on. Keeping them moisturized also helps your dog enjoy winter activities more than ever!

What Ingredients Should I Look for in a Balm?

There are many different paw balms on the market today, each claiming to be the best. Some even go as far as saying that their product can cure severe cases of dry paws. The truth is that every dog is unique, and may need a different type or brand of paw balm. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which one is best.

Balms that use all natural ingredients are usually preferred by most pet owners. Natural ingredients provide the safest and most effective way to moisturize your pup’s paws. They can also help repair damaged paw pads without any added chemicals, unlike some over the counter products.

The two main ingredients that you should look for in a balm are aloe and beeswax (or shea butter). Both of these natural ingredients are commonly used in the entire dog care industry, which is why they are safe for your pet’s paws. Aloe vera soothes existing cracks while moisturizing the paw pads to prevent it from becoming worse. Beeswax has antibacterial properties that help ensure that any infections on their paws are gone by morning.

How to apply the Balm for Dogs Paws ?

First, you should wash and dry your dog’s paws. Doing so helps get rid of any dirt or debris that may have been picked up while walking outside. You can also use a wet wipe to clean their paws before applying the balm.

Next, dip a cotton ball into the balm and rub it directly onto the paw pads. Make sure to apply enough balm to evenly coat your pup’s paws by repeating this step two or three times. The more you use, the better!

Finally, give your dog an extra treat and a long walk around the block while their paws dry up. This can take anywhere from ten seconds to five minutes depending on how thick you applied the balm. Afterward, your pup should be ready to enjoy an interesting walk in the snow!

Tips for taking care of your dog’s paws during winter

  • When you first bring your dog home, every week apply the balm to their paws once they are dry. This is usually after stepping out of the bath or shower. The extra moisture helps condition their paw pads during the first two weeks. After that, it should only be applied when needed due to cold weather conditions.
  • If your dog does not like the feel of the balm on their paws, put it in a plastic bag. Melt it slightly with your hands, then apply it to your pup’s feet using your fingers.
  • Only use natural ingredients when applying the balm. The chemicals found in many popular brands can cause more harm than good for your dog.
  • Paw pads are very important for dogs to walk around in the cold, but they can also be painful if not taken care of properly. If your pup’s paws begin to crack and bleed, apply some balm twice a day until it goes away completely.