Best Dog Feeding Mats

It’s hard to keep your house clean when you have a dog. They always seem to be making a mess!

Not only do you have to constantly clean up after your dog, but feeding them can be a hassle too. You have to make sure their food doesn’t get everywhere, and that they’re not eating off the floor.

The best way to feed your dog and keep your house clean is with a feeding mat. Not only is the mat functional, but they come in many cute styles and patterns that will match your home decor.

What Are Dog Feeding Mats and What Do They Do?

A dog feeding mat is a non-absorbent surface that you place your dog’s food and water dish on. This keeps the floor clean and dry and keeps any spilled water or food from getting underneath their dish and onto the floor where it can get stuck between crevices and become difficult to remove. The mats usually come in square or circular shapes, with small raised edges that hold in their dish. Some mats have designs on them that are just for show, but others have practical uses as well.

Best Dog Feeding Mats

Bestseller No. 1
Gorilla Grip Silicone Pet Feeding Mat, Waterproof, Raised Edges to Prevent Spills, Easy Clean in Dishwasher, Dogs and Cats Placemat Tray to Stop Food and Water Bowl Messes on Floor, 18.5x11.5, Gray
  • 100 Percent Waterproof for Ultimate Floor Protection: worry less about warped floors; the thick silicone is 100 percent waterproof to help prevent water from reaching your floors and causing potential damage
  • No More Mealtime Mess: some of the cutest pets can be the messiest eaters; feeding mat features ultra thick raised edges that help to contain food and water that’s been spilled while eating; take the stress out of mealtime no matter how messy an eater your pet is
  • Keep Bowls in Place: slip resistant topside features raised dots to help keep your pet’s bowls in place; also helps to prevent food scatter to help keep crumbs on the mat and off your floors
  • Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe Silicone: your pet deserves the best; feeding mat is constructed from premium food grade silicone that is dishwasher safe for a fast and easy clean
  • Bowls, Raised Feeders and Fountains: the pet mat is easy to use for a variety of pets; place under cat fountains to collect splashes, works well with raised feeders, also can be used under litter boxes to help prevent mess
Bestseller No. 2
Reopet Silicone Dog Cat Bowl Mat Non-Stick Food Pad Water Cushion Waterproof
  • MATERIAL: made from premium silicone. Withstands heat up to 464 degrees F.
  • SIZE: 18.5" x 11.5", 20" x 15" , 24"x 16", 28" x 18", 34.5" x 23", fit most pets.
  • Raised edge will protect the floor, no more messy spills. Keep food and water on the mat.
  • Easy to clean with water or a wet rag, dishwasher safe.
  • Satisfaction, or your money back.
-30%Bestseller No. 3
DogBuddy Dog Food Mat - Waterproof Dog Bowl Mat, Silicone Dog Mat for Food and Water, Pet Food Mat with Edges, Dog Food Mats for Floors, Nonslip Dog Feeding Mat (L: 24" x 16", Shadow)
  • ❤️ WATERPROOF: Super high edge (0.6”) of DogBuddy Dog Food mat keeps the spilled food and water on the mat and away from your floor. Silicone is naturally 100% waterproof.
  • ❤️ SAFE: DogBuddy Dog Food Mat is free from nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC and Phthalate and are certified by world leading third-party laboratories (UL).
  • ❤️ EASY TO CLEAN: DogBuddy Dog Food Mat has smooth surface, and it is much easier to clean than textured mats. Just wipe it with a wet cloth, wash it by hand or in a dishwasher.
  • ❤️ EASY TO USE: Smooth surface of DogBuddy Dog Food Mat is also better at preventing dog bowls from sliding due to a stronger contact with the bowl. The mat can be rolled up for storage.
  • ❤️ SIZE: 23.6 x 15.7 x 0.6 inches. Perfect for medium and large dogs or multiple pets. | U.S. & International Patents Issued.
Bestseller No. 4
AUDWUD Silicone Waterproof Dog Cat Pet Feeding Mats,Anti-Slip Pet Bowl Mats,Pet Feeding Mat
  • MATERIAL: Made of premium silicone,safe and healthy.
  • SIZE: 18.5" x 11.5",fit most small & medium pets bowl.
  • Raised outer border will avoid water or food from spilling out to your clean floor.
  • Small paws designed for easy picking up.
  • Easy-cleaning and dry out soon,dishwasher safe.
Bestseller No. 5
MIGHTY MONKEY Silicone Pet Feeding Mat, Waterproof Placemat for Dog and Cat Bowls, Raised Edges, Prevent Water Spills and Food Messes on Floor, Paw Print Tray Mats, Dishwasher Safe, 18x12, Cream
  • Waterproof Design: silicone mat is 100 percent waterproof to help protect floors from messy food and water spills
  • Flexible Silicone: made from food grade silicone; raised paw pattern on topside helps keep bowls from sliding, while also preventing food crumbs and water from reaching your floors
  • Raised Edge: features a .125 inch thick raised edge to help keep spills and messes off your floors
  • Perfect Size: mat measures 18 by 12 inches; a perfect option for both cats and dogs; mat sizes can also accommodate raised feeders and pet fountains
  • Easy Clean: silicone mats can be easily folded to discard crumbs and are dishwasher safe
Bestseller No. 6
Dog Bowl Mat Cat Dog Food Feeding Mats for Floors Waterproof Silicone Dog Bowl Mat for Food and Water Pet Eating Placemat Non Spill Puppy Dish Tray Non Slip Bone Shaped Small Medium Large
  • Keep Mealtimes Tidy - Large Area with Raised Lip keeps the water off the floor and the food from rolling everywhere, especially great for pets that knock over their food or drip their water everywhere
  • Non Skid Mat to Protect Floor - Anti-skid surface design prevents bowl from sliding when your pet eating, keeping the bowls securely in place for damage spots on floor
  • Soft Flexible Silicone Mat - Made of premium, non-fade silicone, soft texture and vivid colors, easy to roll up and hang
  • Easy to Clean - Super easy to clean due to its smooth surface, use dishcloth or sponge with the dishwashing liquid, rinse it in clean water and let it air dry, dishwasher Safe
  • Bone Shape Pet Placemat - 20.5x14.5 in, perfect size which recommend use for two small bowls or one large bowl
-18%Bestseller No. 7
Dog Licking Mat with Suction Cups | BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone Mat for Fun, Anxiety, & Boredom Relief. Strong Suction Cups for Easy Grooming and Slow Feeding Set of 2 (Green & Blue
  • Safe And Qualified Materials: The Ulmpp Dog Lick Pad is made with BPA-free silicone that’s free from harmful chemicals.It’s completely safe for your pup to lick off whatever you smear on it. For example, peanut butter, canned food, raw dog food, yogurt, pumpkin purée or baby food!
  • Innovative Design:There are 72 powerful suction cups on the back of this pet food mat to help secure it on a smooth and clean surface. The raised edges of the texture pattern prevent food from spreading and keep the bathroom, shower or counter clean.
  • Reduces Anxiety, Boredom and Destructive Behavior Helps calm and soothe your pet to release endorphins through the promotion of licking. This dog treat mat is a safe alternative for your dog to lick. Great for stressful times such vet visits, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery as well as thunderstorms and fireworks
  • Multifunction Dog Feeding Mat:Our unique lick pad design effectively reduces the speed of pet’s eating and prolongs meal time, thereby reducing bloating and improving digestibility. Dogs and cats like to eat the surface of this lick mat this dog licking mat can be used as an interesting alternative to a dog bowl anytime, anywhere, not just during bathing/combing time.
  • 【Dental Hygiene & Fresh Breath】This interactive dog toy textured surfaces promote pleasurable licking action, which generates saliva helping protect your pet’s teeth and gums. Scrape off food residues and odors on your pet's tongue to promote healthier teeth and gums and a fresher breath.
-40%Bestseller No. 8
Hubulk Dog Cat Food Feeding Mat L (19"x12") XL (24"x16") or XXL (32"X24") 0.5" & 1" inch Raised Edge Silicone Non Slip Waterproof Pet Food Mat Dog Bowl Placemat Larg(19"x12"x0.5", Black)
  • Dish Washer Safe and Non-Slip Mat: Prevent pet messes with the Hubulk Waterproof Pet Food Mat with Super raised edges. Protect floors from pet bowls, gravity water dispensers, fountains, and elevated feeders.
  • 100% PREMIUM FOOD GRADE SILICONE - Our dog food mat for food and water is made of 100% premium food-grade silicone. Hypoallergenic, BPA free. No open pores to harbor odor and stain resistant. It’s safety for your dogs or cats or any animals, please rest assured to use. making it the perfect choice for any well-loved pet.
  • EXTRA-TALL LIP PREVENTS SPILLS: Super high outer lip (0.5” raised edge) keeps all the mess contained on the doggie placemat and away from your floor. Anti skid surface prevents dog bowls from moving. Use this cute waterproof mat under pet food bowls for dogs, water dishes, pet fountains, automatic feeders, feeding stations to protect your floors.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE AND WATERPROOF - Our dog bowl mat is easy to wipe with a wet cloth or wash by hand and it is dishwasher safe. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and can easily fold to be washed in a dishwasher or simply just rinsed down in a sink. If you are traveling or just visiting friends, you can just roll it and take it with you.
  • 10-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If for some reason you find that you are not completely satisfied, then we will happily refund your full purchase price.
Bestseller No. 9
ANYPET - Slow Feeding Mat, Tray, Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Food Mat for Dog, Dog Lick Pad Anxiety Relief Feeding Mat with Suction, Multicolor, 5.9’’x5.9’’x2.9’’ (APT06)
  • MULTIPLE TILE DESIGNS – AnyPet Slow Feeder Mats and Trays come in four different surface designs to bring variety to meal time. Pack includes 2 lick mats and 2 feeder trays.
  • MIX AND MATCH – Each pad can be used individually or combined and arranged in a number of configurations to suit your needs and living space.
  • FLOOR & WALL ARRANGEMENTS – Anti-skid design for secure positioning on floor. Lick mats also come with suction cups that stick to glass or tile walls. Perfect for distracting your pet during showers or grooming.
  • ENCOURAGE SLOW EATING –Maze-like designs make it more difficult for dogs (and cats) to eat fast. Veterinarians recommend feeder mats and trays to encourage slow eating for better health and digestion and less trips to the vet.
  • SAFE TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN – Pet feeder mats and trays are made from ABS plastic and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Eco-friendly material that is safe for pets. To clean, simply use warm soapy water, rinse well and dry before use.
Bestseller No. 10
Darkyazi Pet Feeding Mat Large for Dogs and Cats,24"×16" Flexible and Easy to Clean Feeding Mat,Best for Non Slip Waterproof Feeding Mat. (Grey)
  • Standard Mat 24'' in length 16'' in width,2 different colors beige and grey to cater to different home decorations.
  • Texture is added on the surface prevents food & water from spilling onto floor,raised bumps prevent bowls from sliding on mat.
  • Simply shake it off,vacuum it or give it a quick rinse to clean it!
  • Easy to store, great for travel,Just roll up the flexible,yet durable mat.
  • Soft and comfortable dog litter mat be used of high quality PVC, let pet have a good rest and food experience, it is perfect cat litter mat, dog food mat.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Feeding Mat for Your Dog?

  • The most obvious benefit is that it keeps the floor around your dog’s dish clean and dry. If you don’t, then food and water will get stuck between all the crevices of your flooring making it difficult to remove and can even damage your wood floors.
  • Another benefit of using a feeding mat is that they help reduce the noise your dog’s dish makes when they’re eating or drinking. If you’ve ever eaten dinner in the same room with someone who eats loudly, then you probably know how annoying it can be. By using a feeding mat, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!
  • A third benefit of using a feeding mat is that it helps prevent spills and water from getting your floor wet. Spills are a common problem when you have a dog. They tend to be rambunctious eaters, and they’re not always watching their dish as they drink the water. Placing a mat underneath their dish will help prevent spills and any resulting messes that often come with them.

Different Types of Feeding Mats Available on The Market Today

There are many different types of mats available on the market today for your pet. However, there are two main types you should consider buying:

Rubber Mats – Rubber mats are very easy to keep clean and dry because they don’t absorb water or food. They can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or even sprayed with disinfectant if needed. The downside to rubber mats is that they can be a little slippery when wet, which is dangerous for your pet. They also tend to move around a lot, especially if they have a solid bottom because dogs often step on them as they eat and drink from their dish.

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Silicone Mats – Silicone mats are usually made from non-absorbent synthetic material and can be kept in their original shape for a long time. They are able to stand up independently which provides more control over where you place your pet’s dish and reduces the risk of it sliding around when they step on it. On the other hand, silicone mats also have a tendency to slip because they’re not flat, so an anti-slip mat is often needed underneath it.

How Do You Choose the Best Mat for Your Dog and Your Home?

Several factors should be considered when choosing the best dog feeding mat for your home and your dog.

Size – The size of the mat should fit both your pet’s food and water dish, but should also leave enough room for them to move around without stepping off the mat. You want their feeding area to be big enough so they can comfortably eat and drink without being crowded.

Shape – Does your dog have a preferred shape for their dish? For example, is your dog used to having their dish in the corner of the room, or are they more comfortable with it by the back door where they can see outside? If you’re not sure, just choose a basic square or circle to start with. There are mats that come in all different shapes, but these two are the most common.

Material – The best material for a dog feeding mat is one that can be easily cleaned and is non-absorbent so it doesn’t hold onto spilled water or food. It’s also important to have enough grip on the bottom of the mat to prevent it from sliding around when your dog steps on it.

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Style – There are many cute styles of mats to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that matches your home decor!

Where Should You Place the Mat?

The best place for a dog feeding mat is where your pet eats and drinks every day. If you want to use the mat for your pet’s food bowl, then place it under their dish in an area that is away from heavy traffic. Make sure both the food and water dishes are placed on opposite sides of the mat. That way there won’t be any spills when your dog steps between them to eat or drinks more than they meant to!

How To Clean a Feeding Mat and Why It’s Important to Do so Regularly

Regularly washing a dog feeding mat is important for your pet’s health and to keep it in good condition.

To clean the mat, you can either wipe it off with a damp cloth or wash it with hot soapy water. It is especially important to clean the area under their dish once they’re finished eating because food can get stuck in hard-to-reach spots. If you have a mat that is specifically for their food bowl, then it’s also important to clean their dish when you wash the mat!

If your mat has absorbed spills or water, then make sure you dry it off thoroughly before placing it back under their dish. If the material starts to smell after being wet repeatedly, then it’s time to replace the mat with a new one. A wet feeding mat can be very dangerous for your dog because they might step in their spilled water or food which could lead to them slipping and injuring themselves.