Best Dog Probiotics

There are many reasons why people take probiotics. Some people believe that they help with digestion, while others have heard it can improve the immune system and reduce inflammation. Others still use probiotics to boost their mood or to even combat depression.

So when you’re looking for a good dog probiotic, where should you start? This article will give you some helpful tips on how to find the best one for your pup! As always, make sure to talk to your vet before starting any supplement regimen!

What Are Probiotics

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are beneficial to your dog’s health. They are used in veterinary medicine to promote good health. Probiotics are generally found in yogurt, but some are also available as supplements. Your dog’s digestive system is made up of billions of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, which help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Dogs with a healthy digestive system usually have a strong immune system. A healthy immune system is one of the keys to a healthy dog. They also help regulate the body’s immune system and promote the production of natural antibodies.

Best Dog Probiotics

Bestseller No. 1
Zesty Paws Probiotics for Dogs - Probiotics for Gut Flora, Digestive Health, Occasional Diarrhea & Bowel Support - Clinically Studied DE111 - Functional Dog Supplement Soft Chew for Pet Immune System
  • Support Fido's Tummy - These functional soft chew supplements have a base of pumpkin and papaya (sources of enzymes) plus probiotics for digestion, bowel, and immune support to care for canine pets.
  • Features Clinically Studied DE111 Probiotic - This chewable functional supplement contains DE111, a clinically studied Bacillus subtilis that supports proper digestive function and the immune system.
  • Six-Strain Probiotic Powder Blend - These chewables contain six probiotics (live bacteria) that support gut function and proper gut flora for support against occasional diarrhea, gas, and bloating.
  • Supports Doggy Gut Flora - Probiotic Bites help support microflora for occasional gastric distress (constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating) support and digestive tract health for your doggie.
  • Treat Fido to Tasty Immunity Support - The DE111, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. brevis, L. fermentum, and L. lactis help animal immune response for small, medium, and large breeds.
-7%Bestseller No. 2
Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic Soft Chews for Dogs | Digestive Health Support Dog Probiotics | Tasty Alternative to Dog Probiotic Powder | 120 Soft Chews | Liver, Cheese
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH SUPPORT - Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic for Dogs is a Veterinarian-formulated soft chew dog treat that supports digestive health and promotes proper intestinal microflora.
  • GREAT TASTE - Irresistable cheese and liver flavor is a proven favorite among dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • GUT HEALTH SIMPLIFED - Avoid the mess and inconvenience of probiotic powders with Nutri-Vet's convenient soft chews which can be administered as a treat or at meal-time.
  • POWERFUL BLEND - Contains 1 Billion CFUs of live, beneficial bacteria cultures PLUS Prebiotic Inulin which helps stimulate the growth of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • VERSATILE BENEFITS - Helps support healthy digestion, promote proper stool quality, provide immune system support and provide naturally occurring micro-organisms which may help with occasional gas and flatulence.
Bestseller No. 3
Amazon Brand - Wag Probiotic Supplement Chews for Dogs (90 count)
  • Includes one bottle of 90 probiotic chews
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion and intestinal well-being, and help maintain gut flora in the digestive tract
  • Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms
  • No added wheat or corn; no added artificial colors, dyes, or flavors
  • Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world
-50%Bestseller No. 4
Probiotics for Dogs Zenapoki - Made in US - 90 Soft Chews for Gut Flora, Digestive Health, Occasional Diarrhea & Bowel Support - Functional Dog Supplement Soft Chew for Pet Immune System
  • HELPS YOUR DOG’S DIGESTION: Our unique blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes keeps your dog’s digestive and immune systems healthy
  • FOR ANY BREED OF DOG: This chewable treat is designed for all breeds; add the right dose, based on their weight
  • HEALTHY: Our dog probiotics and supplements are made with pumpkin, ginger, insulin, coconut, and Omega-3s providing your dog essential nutrients
  • NO MORE TUMMY TROUBLE: These supplements contain six probiotics (live bacteria) that support gut function and proper gut flora for support against occasional diarrhea, gas, and bloating.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Local because it's better for your dog and the planet
-27%Bestseller No. 5
Probiotics for Dogs, 6 Billion CFUs, Freeze Dried Dog Probiotics with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins and Omega 3, for Gut & Skin & Immune Health, Allergy Itch Relief, Reduce Diarrhea, Gas
  • The Only 6B Freeze Dried Dog Probiotics: 6 billion CFUs probiotics for dogs, much more than other brands. With special freeze-dried technology, it maximizes the activity and the stability of probiotics. Once consumed by your pets, these live probiotics will be reactivated and provide powerful benefits. Vacuum packaging and shelf-stable jar all provide strong protection for active ingredients until expiry. It contains 120 chews and is designed for all sizes and all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • Support Digestive and Gut Health: Our dog probiotic contain 6 billion CFUs and 12 strains of flora that support your pet's tummy. The main soil-based probiotic blend is especially resistant to stomach acid and bile. We also add prebiotics that helps nourish the growth of probiotics. And digestive enzymes can break down food and promote nutrient absorption. It helps relieve bad breath, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and vomit, and help form stools and support sensitive stomach for your pet.
  • Omega 3 for Healthy Skin and Shiner Coat: Our Omega 3 for Dogs is from high quality fish oil, also a rich source of EPA and DHA. The Omega 3 fatty acid is an antioxidant that can support skin and coat health. We add zinc proteinate, a chelated mineral that has higher utilization in the body. They combine together to help reduce inflammation and seasonal allergies, and maintain skin barrier. Packed with Vitamin E, it can nourish skin, relieve flaky dry and itchy skin, hot spots and shedding hair.
  • Support Immune and Overall Health: A healthy and balanced gut environment makes a healthy immune system. Our holistic formula can benefit your pet's overall health by strengthening the immune response. It can improve appetite and provide energy and vitality to growing and senior pets. Our vitamins and trace elements blend can help promote cognition, heart, eye, joint and bone health. It supports the health of weak, ill or recovering pets who are experiencing diet change, travel or antibiotics.
  • All Natural, Safe and Tasty: Our freeze-dried chews are based on real chicken and are perfect for picky eaters. We remove the moisture of all high-quality ingredients to retain nutrients and flavor. It is free of any artificial additives or fillers. No wheat, corn, soy, or gluten. Non-GMO and is vet recommended. No refrigeration needed and ready to serve. Simply feed it to your pet or add it to their food. We provide 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and considerate after-sale service at any time.
Bestseller No. 6
Probiotics for Dogs - Support Gut Health, Itchy Skin, Allergies, Yeast Balance, Immunity - Dog Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes for Small, Medium and Large Dogs - 180 Probiotic Chews for Dogs, Duck
  • Dog Digestive Support: pet probiotics for dogs aid improve digestion, promote bowel health & proper stool quality. Our chewable probiotic for dogs supports balanced appetite & gut health for dogs. Great supplement for sensitive stomach.
  • Healthy Skin & No More Issues: digestive probiotics for dogs help with seasonal allergies, occasional skin itching, paw licking, head shaking, and a bad breath. Also, dog gut health probiotics support healthy yeast production.
  • Effective Blend: made with natural papaya, pumpkin, and digestive enzymes for dogs, our dog probiotic chews help your dog absorb & utilize more nutrients from their food. They support strong immunity and overall health.
  • All Breeds & Ages: wheat-free, soft canine probiotic treats come with a delicious duck flavor & suit pups of all breeds, sizes, and ages. We are sure your furry friend will love our puppy probiotic chews!
  • Formulated with Love: we care about your pet’s wellness & happiness, so we strive to make only great products for your pups. If you want to get any additional info about the probiotic dog chews, don't hesitate to write us!
Bestseller No. 7
Nutramax Proviable Digestive Health Supplement Multi-Strain Probiotics and Prebiotics for Cats and Small Dogs - With 7 Strains of Bacteria, 80 Capsules
  • CONTAINS 7 STRAINS OF BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: A probiotic with multiple strains, each having different properties, has a potentially higher likelihood of colonization versus a single strain product
  • SUPPORTS GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH IN DOGS AND CATS: Imbalances such as stress from travel or kenneling, or change in diet can affect your pet’s gastrointestinal health; Signs of an imbalance include loose stool, decreased appetite, or vomiting
  • CONTAINS PREBIOTICS TO SUPPORT GROWTH: Prebiotics are complex carbohydrates that can be used as a food source for our probiotic strains; This helps to support the growth of the probiotics within the intestinal tract and helps them to compete against the harmful bacteria for colonization of the intestines
  • EASY TO GIVE: Contents of capsules can be easily sprinkled over food
-35%Bestseller No. 8
Dog Probiotics Chews - Gas, Diarrhea, Allergy, Constipation, Upset Stomach Relief, with Digestive Enzymes + Prebiotics - Chewable Fiber Supplement - Improve Digestion, Immunity - Made in USA - 120 Ct
  • Advanced Digestion Support - if your pet has regular stomach issues like gas, diareaha, sensitive or upset stomach, constipation, gas, acid, loose stool, bad breath or other, daily probiotic treatments with pre-biotic, fiber and enzymes will help ease this issue and maintain healthy digestion.
  • Boost Immune and Allergy Relief - digestive health is essential to keep you doggy free from any soft of food allergies that may lead to various skin and coat conditions, lose appetite, low energy and change in behaviors.
  • Bark&Spark Commitment - we are keen to give best to our furry customers and we take no compromise when it comes to product quality. So these digestion bites are made in the USA, with sustainably sourced, human grade ingredient. Treats are suitable for small and large pets of all breeds and ages, from puppies to senior dogs.
  • Best Value - with 120 chew per jar you will get up to 4 month supply of premium probiotic chews at a reasonable price, keeping your pet healthy while not spending a fortune on overpriced supplements.
  • Yummy Chewables - we made sure every picky eater among our canine customers will love our treats, so we added natural chicken flavor to these chewables. No hassle with pills, powder, tablets or capsules. Treats contain absolutely NO sugar, dairy or corn.
Bestseller No. 9
Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic for Dogs, Duck Flavor, 160 Bite Sized Chews - Vet Recommended Digestive and Immune Support Supplement
  • Daily probiotic includes Prebiotics to support a gut environment where probiotic cultures and colonies can thrive.
  • Probiotics may help with gassiness, flatulence, bad breath and elimination issues in pets. A daily probiotic can also promote a healthy coat, digestive regularity and general immune system support.
  • Recommended for dogs that suffer environmental, breed specific digestive issues, nervous digestive issues or those that are currently on an antibiotic.
  • Daily probiotic is free of corn, wheat and artificial ingredients that may cause stomach upset. Each bottle contains 160 duck flavored chews.
  • All pet Natural’s of Vermont products are manufactured in the USA and distributed from our offices in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Bestseller No. 10
Purina FortiFlora Probiotics for Dogs, Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Powder Probiotic Dog Supplement – 30 ct. box
  • One (1) 30-Count Box - Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Probiotics Dog Supplement, Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement
  • Probiotic recommended by veterinarians (Kynetec, Probiotic Recommendation Study, March 2019)
  • A Probiotic supplement for the dietary management of puppies and adult dogs with diarrhea
  • Contains a probiotic to promote normal intestinal microflora. Helps reduce flatulence
  • Proprietary microencapsulation process for enhanced stability

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What Do They Do for Dogs

Prebiotic products help your dog’s digestive system and in turn improves his overall health and vitality. Many people believe that dog probiotics work; however, whether probiotics are a good choice or not depends on the strains in the product and the product’s processing.

Generally, it is recommended that probiotics be taken with every meal to keep them viable and alive, and that probiotic supplementation be continued for four to six months, and in some cases up to a year. The average American dog eats four to six times per day, thus it is recommended that your dog consume 3-4 servings of probiotic each day.

Dog probiotics are produced by fermenting dairy and cereal grains, like wheat or oats, combined with special strains of bacteria. The process is similar to the brewing of wine or beer to produce yoghurt, cheese, butter, and other fermented dairy products. These products are rich in prebiotics, substances that feed healthy probiotic bacteria, such as lactobacillus.

Lactobacillus will produce a compound called lactic acid, which is beneficial to the overall health of your dog. Prebiotics are not digested by humans, but may be digested and used by probiotic bacteria to produce lactic acid.

When Should You Give Your Dog Probiotics?

Probiotics for dogs are meant to support the normal growth and development of the gut flora. It is important to keep in mind that the dog’s gastrointestinal tract is very different from a human’s. While humans have small intestines that allow for very little space, dogs have a much larger one that allows for an adequate amount of space.

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As a result, the bacterial flora in dogs is very different from that in humans. In humans, the healthy gut has billions of microorganisms. In dogs, there are fewer, and many of them are bad. The good bacteria that are present are known as the microbiome, and they support a healthy immune system and digestive system.

Ηere are the most common reasons that probiotics are recommended for dog:

• Normalize intestinal flora to help prevent digestive disorders.

• Enhance the absorption of nutrients and support immune function.

• Boost immunity and help with the body’s natural defenses.

• Reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease.

• Reduce inflammation and support healthy immune function.

How To Choose the Right Probiotic Supplement for Your Dog

Probiotics come in many forms, and manufacturers may use different names to identify their products. It’s important to understand the differences between products so you know what to expect when you start giving your dog probiotics.

  • Capsule or Tablet

A probiotic is the same in a tablet or in a capsule. It can be found in either form, with no difference between them. The benefit of using either one over the other is that when you are dealing with capsules, they are easier to swallow for dogs when compared to tablets which can crumble or break down. This is especially true if your dog is older and may have less than stellar dental health.

  • Powder

The benefit of giving your dog a powder is that they can be mixed with any type of food, making it more convenient on your end. Additionally, dogs are less likely to recognize that their food is anything other than normal if you mix the powder with small pieces of meat, cheese, or low-value treats. Once ingested, the friendly bacteria will make their way through your dog’s digestive tract and establish themselves in his gut.

  • Liquid
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A liquid probiotic is usually a flavored substance, such as chicken protein or vegetable oil. It can be added to your dog’s food in the same way that you would add water or other liquids that he eats. Keep in mind that not all dogs will like the flavor of a liquid probiotic and will refuse

What Is CFU?

CFU stands for colony-forming unit, and refers to the number of viable bacterial cells present in a probiotic product. For probiotics to be effective, they must contain enough CFU to cause a measurable impact. But it’s not as simple as just measuring CFU numbers. The strains of bacteria in a product must also be able to survive the digestive process and reach the colon, where they can multiply and work to help your dog’s health.

Beware of products that boast a high number of CFU. If you’re giving your dog more than one type of bacterial strain, the overall value will likely be lower than if you choose a product with fewer strains but higher total CFU numbers.

There are many different strains of probiotics, each with its own unique benefits. Ιn the canine world, Lactobacillus is one of the primary ingredients in both yogurt and kibble. But there are specific strains within this family that have been studied for their effects on canine health.

As with most supplements, there is no single best probiotic. However, it’s always a good idea to use one that includes multiple strains of bacteria and has at least 10 billion CFU per serving. Additionally, your dog should be able to eat the dosage you give him whether orally or through other means.

How To Give Your Dog a Probiotic Supplement

While you can add probiotics to your dog’s food, it won’t always provide enough of a benefit. When choosing how to give your dog a supplement, consider the following:

• If your dog is older and has difficulty eating or swallowing capsules, use a powder.

• If you want to measure how effective a particular supplement is, use a liquid that can be added directly to your dog’s food.

• If you want to increase the chances of success and less chance of GI upset, use powder or liquid.

• Probiotics work best when they are given daily for 8-12 weeks as part of your dog’s regular wellness regimen.

What Is The Best Probiotic Supplement for Dogs?

Side Effects of Probiotics in Dogs

As with any substance that modifies the balance of good and bad bacteria in your dog’s intestinal tract, probiotics can cause side effects. Some side effects are temporary while others are more serious. For example, both L-acidophilus and Bifidobacterium have been known to cause diarrhea in some cases when taken orally.

However, vomiting is by far the most common side effect of probiotics in dogs. If your dog experiences vomiting within an hour of taking a supplement, stop giving him the product immediately. This symptom should subside within 24 hours. It’s best to stick with powders or liquids until you know that your pooch can handle the supplement.


Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics?

Some people recommend human probiotics for dogs. However, this is not a good idea because the bacteria in your dog’s body and those in yours are different. Your dog needs to get his probiotics from naturally occurring bacteria (found in raw food) or from supplements dedicated exclusively to him.

Probiotic foods like yogurt aren’t really good for dogs because they are high in lactose, which can cause serious gastrointestinal upset. However, this does not mean that your dog should never have dairy products – just make sure to provide them in the form of cheese or plain yogurt without added sugars.

How Often Should You Give Your Dog a Probiotic Supplement?

Most dogs need to take a probiotic daily for 8-12 weeks. If you want to give your dog a supplement that he can eat on his own, feed him the product every day for at least four weeks before determining whether it’s working or not.

Can Puppies Take Probiotics?

Puppies have fewer digestive issues than adult dogs, so they don’t usually need probiotics. However, if your puppy is undergoing a stressful medical procedure or has just moved to a new home, he may benefit from probiotics.