Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine

Have you ever wondered how you can clean dog urine stains out of your carpet? How about on your clothing or other soft surfaces? There are some great enzyme cleaners for dog urine that work great and are safe. They are also cheap and easy to use. They all work by removing the urine smell and keeping the area bacteria-free.

There are many enzyme cleaners for dog urine that can be found at major supermarket chains. But from most of the reviews I have read, they don’t work as good as some of the specialized enzyme cleaners for dog urine that can be bought online or at local pet stores.

If you do a little bit of shopping around you will find that enzymatic cleaners come in a powder and liquid form. Which one should you choose ? It depends on the surface that is being cleaned. Enzyme cleaners for dog urine are great because they can be used on so many surfaces without causing any damage.

What is an Enzyme Cleaner and what does it do ?

An enzyme cleaner is a product that break down organic stains like dog urine, feces, vomit and blood. These man-made forms of these natural enzymes also work much faster than their natural counterparts found in nature (which are used for food digestion in the stomach).

Enzymes are simply proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body. They work by breaking down molecules to make other molecules and they can do this millions of times a day.

This is important because it means that not only do you get rid of the smell, but it also helps to keep the area bacteria-free and prevent your pet from returning to the same spot and continuing to urinate there.

The benefits of using an Enzyme Cleaner over other types of cleaners

Here are some of the benefits of using an enzyme cleaner for dog urine.

It’s Non-Toxic – Unlike bleach or oven cleaners, enzyme cleaners are non-toxic which makes them safer around your family and pets

It won’t damage any surface – Because enzymes break down organic matter it will also protect against mold and mildew

It’s 100% natural – Even though enzymes are made in a lab, they occur naturally and have been used as cleaning products for years now. Using an enzyme cleaner is safe because it takes advantage of something already found in nature to clean with.

It’s Multipurpose – Enzymes can be used to clean and deodorize any type of surface and removing stains and odors caused by not only your pet but also other animals, food, juices and blood etc.

It’s Fast acting – Enzymes not only remove stains and odors but they work fast. You can use it on any surface around the house to clean up accidents, spills or messes of any kind

It works better than other cleaners – Deters your pet from urinating there again because it removes more than just the smell. It breaks down the matter in just a few hours and also reduces bacteria, viruses and mold which is healthier for everyone in the family to live with.

How to use an Enzyme Cleaner to remove dog urine stains and odors

Enzyme cleaners for dog urine can be used on all surfaces and there are a number of different brands that work differently. Some spray, some come in aerosol cans, some with mops or power sprays, you name it there is most likely an enzyme cleaner available to use.

What they all have in common though is that they are mainly effective at removing the smell.

Here are some ways to use an enzyme cleaner to remove dog urine stains and odors.

  • Spraying the area with the enzyme cleaner directly, spraying it on makes sure that you get all of the affected areas. You should then let it dry naturally or if you want you can fan the area to speed up the drying process
  • If you have a mop make sure it has a removable head and then soak the head in enzyme cleaner for dog urine
  • Spray or pour some onto a cloth and wipe away, make sure that you don’t wipe too hard as this will damage the carpet fibers. You can use an eraser sponge to scrub away any stains that are especially stubborn.
  • When using the enzyme cleaner make sure you don’t over use it and ensure you read the instructions on how much and how often to use.
  • You can also mix enzymes in water and spray it onto carpets for a more thorough clean, we recommend mixing 2 cups of warm water with 1/4 cup of enzyme cleaner for dog urine.
  • Enzyme cleaners can be used as part of a more thorough clean such as shampooing the rugs as well, we also recommend using pet odor neutralizer spray to ensure that you get rid odors and stains permanently.

Not only is enzyme cleaner good at removing odors and stains from a dog urinating in a particular area but it can also help to prevent your pet from doing this again, which will save you money and time (not having to clean up stains or smell).