Best Frisbee for Dogs

There are many dog toys out there on the market, and some of them can be quite expensive. But not all dogs like to play with certain types of toys.  Some prefer balls while others would rather fetch a frisbee or chew on a bone.  The best toy for your dog is one that they will actually use!

There are lots of factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a toy for your pup such as size, weight, shape, durability etc. The best way to find the perfect toy is to try out different options and see what your dog likes best!  In this article we have chosen to highlight some frisbies that are fun for dogs to catch and chew on.

What is a Dog Frisbee?

A dog frisbee is a brightly colored, molded plastic disc that is fun for dogs and humans to play with together. Dog frisbees can be made from different types of plastics (polycarbonate, nylon), and may be soft or hard. The use of a frisbee disc is to get your dog excited about running after it, catching it in the air, and bringing it back to you.

They come in many sizes, colors and weights. The basic idea behind frisbee is to play catch with dogs and humans, but there are several different types of frisbees that incorporate various games.

What Makes a Good Dog Frisbee?

 A good dog frisbee is one that flies well and is durable. A disc can be durable yet fly poorly if it does not have the correct weight or balance. Poorly manufactured discs will often change shape when they hit the ground or get wet which means their flight will vary greatly.

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The center of mass should be roughly at the center of the disc when you hold it horizontally in your palm. If this is not the case, then your disc is out of balance and will not fly straight. Also, if your disc is too heavy it will not be fun for humans to throw and catch since it will be very difficult to get any distance on the throw.

Hard vs Soft Dog Frisbee Discs

The basic idea behind a disc is to have it fly straight for a nice distance and have humans and dogs catch it by the rim. Most dog frisbees are designed with the goal of being caught around the rim, but there a few types that allow for different playing styles.

A dog frisbee can be made of various materials. The most popular material used in the manufacture of dog frisbees worldwide is plastic, but there are also rubber frisbees. There is some debate about which type of material is the safest for dogs to play with.

Plastic Dog Frisbee

Hard plastic discs are bouncy but are not very flexible. You usually have to throw them with a lot of force to get them to fly far, which is not good for your arm. Also, hard plastic discs can break into small pieces that may be ingested by your dog if he chews on them or steps on them with his paws.

The soft rubbery frisbees are much safer, but they still may get too close to your dog’s pawing and chewing so you may not want to let him play with them unsupervised.

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Rubber Dog Frisbee

The rubber frisbees offer the best of both worlds since they usually do not break into small pieces that can be chewed or ingested. However, they are usually bouncy and can be awkward to catch since they do not fly as well as the plastic discs.

In general it is probably best to stay away from rubber frisbees if your dog likes to chew on them because you will have to give him a new one every few weeks or months depending on their chewing habits.

How to Choose the Right Dog Frisbee for your pet?

The best dog frisbees are made of quality materials that will not get squished or otherwise change shape when they hit the ground. If you throw your frisbee on concrete it is likely to get smashed and no longer fly straight.

Likewise if your dog runs through the woods, over rocks and jumps in the pool with it, then it is not going to fly straight since it will get mashed up. Even if your dog does not chew on the frisbee, dirt and dust gravitate towards the center of a disc when it is sitting still so after a few days of use you can see that the middle of the disc becomes flatter which changes how it flies. The best way to test if a disc is still good is to see how it flies in the air. If it does not fly straight then you need to get rid of that frisbee.

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If your dog likes to chew on his frisbee then you also need to make sure it is durable enough to stand up to his chewing habits. Since frisbees are all about flying high and far, it is nice to have a durable one that can handle some balling around and chasing without changing shape.

If you want a more affordable option, rubber frisbees are nice because they usually do not break into pieces if your dog chews on them and the ground dents just bounce back after a few days of use.

However, hard plastic discs can crack or shatter into small pieces that can be chewed or ingested by your dog. Also, if you want to play with your dog more times than not, then you should get a durable disc that will fly straight every time without getting squished or dented if it rolls on the ground or hits trees and rocks.