Collies and Ivermectin Heartworm Prevention

Ivermectin is an effective and inexpensive way to protect your dog against heartworm. This medication works by preventing the development of the baby worms, called microfilariae, into adult heartworms that can cause life-threatening damage to your pet’s lungs, heart and blood vessels.

Collies are extremely sensitive to Ivermectin and other related products

Collies are the breed most sensitive to ivermectin, but other breeds may be affected as well. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic medication used to treat heartworm and other parasitic infections in animals. This means that collies and other dogs who are sensitive to this drug should avoid it at all costs!

To prevent your dog from developing side effects from Ivermectin, ask your doctor about alternative treatments for heartworms or parasites that might work better on your pet.

If you give your dog heartworm medication, make sure it is safe for your breed and does not contain Ivermectin.

As a Collie owner, you may be wondering what to do about heartworm medication. You know that collies are sensitive to the heartworm medication Ivermectin and that this chemical is used in some heartworm medications.

Even if a drug is not called ivermectin, look up the ingredients before giving it to your pet. If you see the words “ivermectin” or “Moxidectin” (the generic name for ivermectin), then it’s still likely to be safe for your dog.

Only use heartworm preventatives that have been recommended by your dog’s veterinarian. If your vet recommends a heartworm preventative, make sure it is safe for your breed. If your dog is sensitive to Ivermectin and the doses are too high, ask your vet about other options.

Collies are sensitive to this drug and may have fatal reactions.

Collie dogs can develop fatal reactions to the drug if it’s given at the wrong dose or frequency. If you have a collie dog, talk to your veterinarian about how this medication could affect your pet and whether there are any alternatives that would be safer for him or her.

Other breeds of dogs may also be affected by this issue, but they don’t appear as sensitive as collies do; some dogs have had mild side effects from taking ivermectin-based heartworm prevention medications and others have not experienced any problems at all after using them for several years on multiple occasions.