Dog Pees When Excited? How To Stop Submissive Urination

Is your dog peeing when he gets excited? There are several possible reasons for this, including submissive urination.

Many dogs use peeing as a way to apologize to their owners, or give up what they believe is a superior position. Learn how to stop submissive urination in your dog with this helpful guide!

What is submissive or excitement peeing in dogs?

Submissive or excitement peeing in dogs is a form of inappropriate urination. This means the dog is urinating outside of their litter box, even though they have one available to them. Submissive peeing is most common in puppies and adolescent dogs, but it can happen any time throughout your dog’s life.

It often happens when you ‘re disciplining your dog, or even when there’s a chance you might find out that they did something wrong. This is usually because the dog is trying to show that they’re sorry by leaving a present for you (pee) and lowering themselves in front of you (inappropriately urinating).

Causes of submissive or excitement peeing in dogs

Submissive urination is a common problem in dogs. It is caused by a combination of a lack of control over bladder sphincter muscles, excitement, and poor mental state. It is a disorder that is easily corrected.

While the dog is in the excited state, the bladder muscles relax and the dog is unable to control his bladder. Once the dog relaxes, the muscles tighten and the bladder sphincter is closed. This results in urine being forced out of the bladder.

Before you begin any training exercises, make sure your dog has been fed and watered so he’s less likely to have an accident during or after exercise.

In many cases of submissive urination, the problem stems from lack of self control when excited. If your puppy suddenly begins peeing when he gets happy, chances are his bladder isn’t strong enough for him not to let go in exciting situations. This can even happen in older dogs that have never had a problem before, just because they’re very excited at something new going on in their lives.

How to stop submissive or excitement peeing in dogs

Make sure your dog is not over-excited before beginning training sessions, especially if this has been a problem for him before. Limit his exercise to short walks and other low-key activities so he doesn’t have the chance to get too riled up before you try teaching him what’s expected of him around his house. 

Do not punish good behavior; only correct bad behavior . Your puppy or dog does not urinate out of spite or anger at you. He does it because he feels like he is losing status with you, which makes him stressed and submissive in that moment. If you punish him after he pees on something, it will only cause more stress between the two of you instead of solving the problem.

Do not rub your dog’s nose in his urine. This will only cause him to become more stressed and afraid around you, which can lead to even more accidents. If you must correct him for something he did in the past, do so in a low-key manner by making him sit or lie down before giving him anything he enjoys like treats or affection.

Give your dog plenty of things that are just his alone . Your pet should have certain toys they can play with, beds they can sleep in, food dishes they eat out of, etc. that no one else can touch or use when they are told it is OK. This helps them feel less threatened when someone new (like guests) comes into their home territory; otherwise they may feel they have to protect what is theirs by marking his scent on them.

Although there are many reasons dogs take to peeing when excited, the good news is that it’s usually a simple fix if you’re willing to devote some time and patience into training your dog how to behave properly around his own house.

Make sure he has plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the day , and praise him every time he uses the designated area instead of having an accident in the wrong place. When he finally masters going potty in one spot, gradually start limiting his access to only that part of the yard or home for a while before giving him total freedom again.

Knowing how easily dogs can pick up other bad habits from their owners, you should devote as much time to training your dog not to urinate or defecate inside as you do to teaching him how to go outside. Take steps now to help your pet feel more relaxed around the house again!