Dreaming of Anubis

Dreaming of Anubis

Dreaming of Anubis: A Guide to Understanding the Symbolism and Meaning


Have you ever dreamt of Anubis? The ancient Egyptian god of mummification, embalming, and the afterlife is often depicted as a jackal-headed deity. If this is your case, then it’s important to know that dreaming about Anubis could carry significant meaning.

In this article, we will explore the symbolism behind Anubis and what it means when he appears in your dreams. We’ll also delve into other related keywords such as Egyptology, mythology, death and rebirth.

Who is Anubis?

Before diving into what it means to dream about him, let’s briefly look at who exactly Anubis was in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Anubis was one of the most prominent gods worshipped during Ancient Egypt times. He was known for his association with death-related rituals since he was believed to have been responsible for guiding souls through the underworld. In art depictions from Ancient Egypt culture portrays him with a canine head because jackals were commonly found near cemeteries during those times.

As part of his role as guide through the underworld or Duat in ancient Egyptian beliefs; he would weigh an individual’s heart against Ma’at’s feather (the goddess associated with truth). This process helped determine if they were worthy enough to continue on their journey towards an afterlife or be cast aside by Ammit (a demon) for being unworthy based on how heavy their heart weighed relative to her feather.

What does Dreaming About Anubis Mean?

Dreams are known to reflect our subconscious mind trying communicate something we may not have processed consciously yet or unresolved feelings that linger within us subconsciously. Therefore dreaming about a specific symbol like Anubis might indicate several things depending on what exactly happened while you dreamed:

1. Death and Rebirth

Anubis is often associated with the death process in ancient Egyptian culture, so dreaming of Anubis may signify a significant change or transformation taking place within your life. It could also indicate that you are experiencing an emotional death or rebirth; this might be related to letting go of certain people, relationships or situations that no longer serve you.

2. Protection

If Anubis appears as a protector figure in your dream, it might suggest that you need guidance and support through a challenging situation in waking life.

3. Guidance Through Difficult Times

In Ancient Egypt mythology, Anubis was responsible for guiding souls through the underworld to their afterlife destinations; hence he is considered a guide who can help us navigate tough times when we feel lost or uncertain about what direction to take next.

Dreaming about him may represent this idea of being guided through difficult circumstances by someone wiser than yourself – whether it’s another person who serves as mentor/role model or some sort spiritual force such as one’s own intuition.

Egyptology and Mythology Significance

Ancient Egypt has many fascinating myths and symbols linked with their gods like Anubis. Understanding more about these ideas can provide further insights into what dreaming about them means:

1) The Underworld

In Ancient Egyptian beliefs, the underworld was known as Duat which represented where spirits would journey after they passed away from our world; traveling there involved facing trials before reaching final judgment day on how one lived their lives while alive. This area represented purification because those traversing it were seeking out true inner peace while discarding past sins (a parallel with present-day purgatory).

Therefore seeing oneself passing through Duat during dreams represents going through the healing process at all levels- mentally emotionally spiritually physically etc., until they reach balance again between everything around them.

2) Mummification and Embalming

In Ancient Egypt, the process of mummification was seen as a way to preserve someone’s physical body for eternity; this ritual was performed with great care by professionals who ensured that every organ was properly removed before preserving it using natural substances. Therefore dreaming about mummies or being in an embalmed state might represent your desire to keep something significant (like memories) alive long after they’re gone.

3) Mythological Creatures

Ancient Egyptian mythology is filled with many fascinating creatures, such as sphinxes and griffins which have wings like birds but bodies resembling lions or other animals. Seeing these mythological beings during dreams may symbolize aspects of yourself that you are trying to integrate more into your waking life – either qualities or parts that you wish were more present within you.


Dreaming about Anubis can carry several meanings depending on what exactly happened while you dreamed- from death/rebirth themes through protection/guidance towards facing trials so one can purify themselves mentally emotionally spiritually physically etc.

Understanding the symbols and ideas surrounding Ancient Egypt mythology can help provide further insights into what our subconscious mind may be trying communicate through dreams: Duat representing where spirits journey after passing away from our world (and thus represents healing), Mummification/embalming seen as ways to preserve physical bodies for eternity showing desires keep memories alive longer than necessary among others.

Regardless of interpretation, these types of dream experiences offer us powerful messages because they give voice to things we may not have been consciously aware needed addressing. It’s important always try understanding them even if initially cryptic until we find meaning within ourselves based on personal context around current situations at hand.