Dreaming of Become

Dreaming of Become

Dreaming of Becoming: What Does it Mean?

Dreams are an integral part of our lives, and they often leave us with a sense of wonder and curiosity. We often wake up from dreams feeling puzzled or intrigued about what they might mean. Dreams can be filled with symbolism, imagery, and messages that may help us better understand ourselves and our desires.

One common dream theme is the idea of "becoming." Many people have experienced dreaming about becoming someone else or something else entirely. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind these types of dreams and what they could signify in your life.

The Meaning Behind Dreaming of Becoming

When we dream about becoming someone or something else, it usually represents a desire for change or transformation in our waking lives. This type of dream could suggest that you feel unfulfilled with your current situation or want to pursue new opportunities.

For example, if you dreamt about becoming a successful entrepreneur, it could indicate that you want to start your own business but lack the confidence to do so. Similarly, dreaming about becoming a famous actor might represent your desire for recognition and admiration from others.

In some cases, dreaming about becoming someone else can also indicate feelings of envy or jealousy towards another person’s success or accomplishments. It’s essential to examine why you might be having these emotions and address them accordingly in your waking life.

Different Types Of Dreams About Becoming

There are several different variations when it comes to dreaming about becoming someone else:

1) Transformative Dreams

These types of dreams involve changing into something completely different than yourself – such as an animal or mythical creature like a mermaid or dragon. These dreams may represent inner turmoil as well as potential growth opportunities.

For instance, if you dreamed that you transformed into an eagle soaring high above the clouds – this could symbolize newfound freedom after breaking free from any mental constraints holding back personal development!

2) Celebrity Dreams

Celebrity dreams are another common type of dream that involves becoming someone else. These types of dreams may reflect feelings of admiration or envy towards a famous person’s life and accomplishments.

If you have been dreaming about becoming a celebrity, it could be your subconscious telling you to pursue your passions and achieve greatness in your own way!

3) Gender-Swap Dreams

Gender-swap dreams involve changing from one gender to the other. While these types of dreams can be disorienting at first, they often represent exploring different aspects of ourselves that we might not typically acknowledge.

For example, if you dreamt about becoming a man while being female – this could suggest an exploration into traditionally masculine traits such as assertiveness or independence.

How To Interpret Your Dream About Becoming

While the meaning behind each dream is unique to the individual, there are several things to keep in mind when interpreting what your dream means:

  1. Consider how you felt during the dream: Were you excited or scared? Did it feel like a positive change?
  2. Analyze any symbols present in the dream: What does transforming into an eagle mean for you personally? Is there any significance attached to that animal?
  3. Reflect on current events happening in your life: Are there any upcoming changes or opportunities on the horizon?
  4. Pay attention to recurring themes across multiple dreams: Are there patterns emerging over time that can provide further insight into what’s going on beneath conscious awareness?

    By considering these factors and using them as guideposts, it becomes easier to understand what our subconscious minds are trying to communicate through our dreams.


    Dreaming about becoming someone else represents an innate desire for change and transformation within ourselves. Whether we want recognition from others or need more freedom and independence, these types of dreams offer valuable insights into our deepest desires.

    Remember always; every individual’s experience is unique – which means no single interpretation is correct for everyone. By paying attention to your feelings, analyzing any symbols present in the dream, and reflecting on current events happening in your life – you can begin to understand what’s going on beneath conscious awareness.