Dreaming of Bestiality

Dreaming of Bestiality

The Meaning of Dreaming of Bestiality

Dreams are mysterious and intriguing, often revealing our innermost desires and fears. When we dream about bestiality, it can be a confusing and disturbing experience. However, understanding the symbolism behind this type of dream can help us gain insight into our subconscious mind.

What is Bestiality?

Before delving into the meaning behind dreaming about bestiality, it’s important to understand what bestiality actually is. Bestiality refers to sexual activity between humans and animals. This behavior is considered taboo in most cultures around the world and is illegal in many countries.

Symbolism Behind Dreaming About Bestiality

When we dream about bestiality, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have an unconscious desire to engage in sexual activity with animals. Instead, it may symbolize something else entirely.

One interpretation could be that dreaming about bestiality represents a need for power or control over others. Animals are seen as subservient beings who lack autonomy compared to humans. Thus engaging in sexual activity with an animal represents domination over a weaker being.

Another interpretation could be related to feelings of shame or guilt associated with one’s sexuality or desires. Sexual taboos such as bestiality are often associated with deviant behavior and carry negative connotations within society.

Alternatively, dreaming about bestiality could simply be a reflection of one’s primal instincts or desires that they feel conflicted about acknowledging consciously.

It’s worth noting that dreams are highly personal experiences and their meanings will vary from person-to-person based on their unique life experiences and beliefs.

Related Keywords

To better understand the meaning behind dreaming of bestially here are some related keywords:

  • Animalistic
  • Power dynamics
  • Control
  • Dominance
  • Sexuality
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Taboo


    Dreams can offer valuable insights into our inner selves, even if they may be uncomfortable or difficult to understand. When we dream about bestiality, it’s important not to jump to conclusions and assume the worst of ourselves.

    Instead, consider what the symbolism behind this type of dream could mean for you personally. Are there areas in your life where you feel powerless or conflicted? Are there aspects of your sexuality that you feel ashamed or guilty about?

    By delving deeper into the meaning behind our dreams, we can gain a greater understanding of our subconscious mind and use this knowledge to grow as individuals.