Dreaming of Defense

Dreaming of Defense

Understanding the Meaning of Dreaming of Defense

Have you ever had a dream where you were defending yourself or someone else? This type of dream can be quite common, and it often leaves people wondering what it could mean. In this article, we will explore the possible interpretations of dreaming about defense.

What is Defense?

Before delving into the meaning behind dreams involving defense, let’s first define what defense means. Defense refers to protecting oneself or something from harm or danger. It can take many forms such as physical protection like wearing protective gear during sports activities or legal protection like hiring a lawyer to defend one’s rights.

The Symbolism Behind Dreams About Defense

Dreams are known to be symbolic representations of our subconscious thoughts and feelings. When we dream about defense, it usually indicates that there is something in our lives that we feel needs protection. Here are some potential meanings behind dreams about defense:

1) Protecting Oneself

One common interpretation of dreaming about defense is that it represents an internal need for self-protection. This could mean protecting oneself physically from harm or emotional pain caused by others’ actions.

2) Feeling Threatened

Another interpretation could be feeling threatened by someone or something in waking life. Perhaps there is a person who has been causing stress and anxiety lately, leading to dreams focused on self-defense mechanisms.

3) Avoidance Behavior

Dreams involving defensive behavior may also indicate avoidance behavior in real life situations – when people avoid confrontation and instead put up walls around themselves out fear being vulnerable emotionally, financially etc., which prevents them from growing as individuals both personally & professionally.

Specific Scenarios Involving Dreaming About Defense

Apart from these general interpretations mentioned above related to why people have such kinds of dreams revolving around ‘defense,’ here are some specific scenarios that might occur while having those particular types of dreams:

Fighting Off Attackers

In some cases, dreams about defense can be quite vivid and may involve physically fighting off attackers. This could represent the dreamer’s internal struggle to stand up for themselves against external threats.

Protecting Someone Else

Sometimes dreams involving defense may not focus on oneself but instead on protecting someone else. This could indicate that the dreamer is worried about a loved one’s safety and wants to keep them from harm.

Legal Defense

Another type of defense scenario involves legal proceedings like hiring an attorney or being in court. These types of dreams may reflect concerns related to financial security, personal reputation, or justice.


In conclusion, dreaming about defense usually indicates that there is something we need to protect in our waking lives – either ourselves or someone else – from potential danger or harm. Understanding the symbolism behind these kinds of dreams can help us identify areas where we need more protection and work towards addressing those needs. If you’re having recurring defensive-themed nightmares (or any other disturbing dream), it might be helpful to talk with a therapist who specializes in interpreting such types of visions so that they can provide you with guidance tailored specifically for your individual case!