Dreaming of Hand

Dreaming of Hand

Dreaming of Hand: Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are an important part of our lives. They help us understand our emotions, desires, and subconscious thoughts. One common dream that people have is dreaming about hands. In this article, we will explore the different interpretations and meanings behind dreaming of a hand.

The Symbolism of Hands in Dreams

Hands play a significant role in our daily lives. We use them to communicate, create things, touch others, express ourselves and even defend ourselves from danger. Therefore it’s not surprising that they also carry symbolic meanings in dreams.

In general terms, hands can symbolize power or control over something or someone else (such as being able to "handle" situations), communication (such as waving hello) or dexterity (ability to accomplish tasks). However when interpreting dreams the details matter so let’s delve deeper into some possible scenarios:

Holding Something in Your Hand

If you dreamt about holding something in your hand then it could indicate possession or control over something/someone; perhaps you’ve recently acquired new property such as a house/car/inheritance etc., or maybe you feel like you’re gaining control over a situation at work/home.

On another note if what was held was fragile then this could be interpreted as feeling cautious with what one possesses which might cause one stress related issues while trying to maintain everything intact .

Clasping Hands Together

If you dreamt about clasping your own hands together tightly then this may indicate feelings of anxiety/ fear /nervousness around some upcoming event/decision . On the other hand if two people were holding each other’s’ hands together romantically then this usually represents unity/connection between individuals .

It is also worth noting that these types of dreams can reflect both positive/negative emotions depending on the context surrounding them e.g clasped hands after fighting for instance would represent reconciliation whilst clutching onto someone else out of desperation and fear would be negative.

Shaking Hands

Dreaming about shaking someone’s hand could symbolize a greeting or making an agreement with them. This is especially true if you are familiar with the person in your dream, perhaps you’re going to make some sort of business deal soon? Or alternatively if it was someone you didn’t recognize then it could represent meeting new people (socializing).

Other Interpretations of Dreaming of Hand

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios , there are other interpretations that can arise when dreaming about hands:

  • Dirty hands: These may suggest feelings of guilt or shame over something we’ve done
  • Cut off/Injured Hands: Suggests feeling powerless/helpless against external factors
  • Washing Hands: Indicates getting rid off unwanted emotional baggage
  • Multiple arms/hands growing out from one body : Represents multitasking and managing several tasks at once

    The context surrounding these situations will determine whether they have positive/negative meanings, so always consider your emotions as well as any possible events occurring in real life before jumping into conclusions.


    Dreams play a significant role in our lives and help us understand our subconscious thoughts. When interpreting dreams, understanding what symbols like hands represent is crucial to gaining insight into their meaning. We hope this article has provided useful information on interpreting dreams about hands and given readers better understanding of themselves. Remember that every detail counts so take note of all the details involved including emotions felt during the dream for best interpretation results!