Dreaming of Obeying

Dreaming of Obeying

The Meaning of Dreaming of Obeying

Have you ever had a dream where you were obeying someone or something? Perhaps it was your boss, a parent figure, or even an authority figure like a police officer. Whatever the case may be, dreams about obeying can often leave us feeling uneasy and wondering what they could possibly mean.

In this article, we will explore the various interpretations behind dreaming of obeying and what it might reveal about our subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Understanding Dreams

Before delving into the specifics of dreaming about obedience, it is important to understand how dreams work. Dreams are highly personal experiences that occur during sleep and are believed to be influenced by our thoughts, emotions, and daily experiences.

Dreams can be filled with vivid imagery that may seem random at first glance but often have deeper meanings when interpreted correctly. In order to interpret a dream accurately, one must consider both the context in which the dream occurred as well as any emotional responses experienced during or after the dream.

Possible Interpretations for Dreaming About Obedience

There are several possible interpretations for dreaming about obedience depending on who or what you were obeying in your dream. Here are some common examples:

1. Authority Figures

If you find yourself dreaming about obeying an authority figure such as a police officer or government official, this could indicate feelings of submission or powerlessness in waking life. It’s possible that there is someone in your life who holds significant influence over your decisions and actions causing you to feel restricted.

Alternatively, if you felt safe while following their orders then perhaps these figures represent stability and guidance rather than oppression.

2. Parental Figures

Another common theme found in dreams involving obedience is parental figures; whether real parents from childhood memories or simply representative symbols of them within one’s mind space (aspects called archetypes).

When considering these types of dreams it’s essential to pay attention to any emotions felt during the dream. If you were obedient in your dream because you wanted to please your parents, it could be a sign that you are still seeking their approval or validation.

On the other hand, if you felt fear or resentment while obeying parental figures, this may indicate unresolved emotional issues from childhood.

3. Bosses

Dreams about obeying bosses can often represent feelings of inadequacy at work and concerns over job performance. It’s possible that these dreams reflect a desire to please authority figures in order to gain recognition and promotion opportunities within one’s profession.

Alternatively, dreaming about obedience towards a boss might also suggest negative feelings towards those who hold power over our professional lives; perhaps indicating frustration with office politics or feeling unappreciated by superiors.


In conclusion, dreams about obedience can have many different meanings depending on who or what is being obeyed. Whether it’s an authority figure like a police officer or parent-figure like one’s mother/father; each interpretation offers insight into personal beliefs surrounding power dynamics and control structures as they exist in reality.

While we cannot say for certain what any particular dream means without context (emotional state/setting), analyzing various themes present within them will help us understand more deeply how subconscious thoughts impact conscious decisions made throughout waking life – making us better equipped when faced with difficult choices moving forward!