Dreaming of Pocket, Purse

Dreaming of Pocket, Purse

The Meaning of Dreaming of Pocket or Purse

Have you ever had a dream where you find yourself searching through your pockets or purse? Maybe you couldn’t find what you were looking for, or perhaps the pocket or purse was overflowing with items. Dreams about pockets and purses can reveal insights into our daily lives and emotional state.

Symbolism of Pockets and Purses in Dreams

Pockets and purses are often associated with holding personal belongings that we carry with us throughout the day. These items can represent our identity, needs, desires, fears, and memories. Therefore, dreaming about them can signify how we view ourselves in relation to these aspects.

A pocket represents a place to store something important within close reach. It is typically small enough to fit in clothing such as pants or jackets. In dreams, pockets symbolize self-confidence because they are located near the heart chakra – the center of emotional expression.

On the other hand, a purse is larger than a pocket and usually carried by hand or on one’s shoulder. A purse symbolizes abundance since it carries more things than just essentials like money or ID cards; it may also hold makeup products, keys, phone chargers etcetera.

Interpretations of Different Pocket/Purse Related Scenarios:

Finding Money In Your Pocket/Purse

Finding money inside your pocket/purse indicates potential success coming your way soon- could be financial gain from unexpected sources which might help improve your standard of living.

Losing Your Purse Or Wallet

Losing your wallet suggests feeling lost – both physically as well as emotionally – which has caused some anxiety.

Overloaded/Heavy Purse

Carrying an overloaded/heavy bag might suggest that there’s too much stress at work/school/home which is making life burdensome at present.

Empty Pockets/Purse

Having empty pockets/purse denotes vulnerability since one feels unprepared for any challenges or obstacles coming their way. It might also suggest that the person is feeling like they lack resources to deal with situations.

Related Keywords

To get a better understanding of what dreaming about pockets and purses may mean, it’s important to look at related keywords. Here are some other dream symbols and their potential interpretations:


Money in dreams usually represents success, power, or self-worth. Finding money suggests an increase in income while losing money denotes feelings of financial insecurity.


Keys symbolize access and control over something significant- a place or knowledge.
Losing keys could be indicative of having lost control over certain aspects/decisions in life which one wishes they had kept hold of.


A phone represents communication and connection. Losing your phone can indicate feeling disconnected from people who matter most- family/friends/colleagues; conversely finding your phone would represent re-establishment of these connections.


Dreams about pockets and purses are common because we all carry items with us throughout the day that serve as extensions of ourselves. The symbolism behind them reveals how we view our identity, needs, desires, fears, and memories. By interpreting these dreams correctly – using related keywords – one can identify areas where improvements need to be made so as to lead a fulfilling life devoid of anxiety or stress caused by such mundane things as misplaced wallets/purses etcetera!