Dreaming of Share

Dreaming of Share

Dreaming of Share: What Does it Mean?

Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind and can reveal important messages about ourselves. Dreams often include symbols, and each symbol has its own meaning. One common symbol that people dream about is "share." Dreaming of share can have different meanings depending on the context in which it appears.

In this article, we will explore what dreaming of share means and how to interpret it.

Understanding Shares

Before diving into interpreting dreams related to shares, let’s first understand what shares are. A share represents a unit of ownership in a company or corporation. When you purchase a share in a company, you become one of the owners and have certain rights such as voting rights and dividend payments.

Shares are also traded on stock markets around the world, allowing investors to buy and sell them based on their perceived value.

Dreaming About Buying Shares

If you dream about buying shares, it may indicate that you’re seeking financial security or stability. It could mean that you’re considering investing your money or taking more risks with your finances.

This dream could also represent an opportunity for growth or change in your life. Perhaps there is something new that you want to try but haven’t yet taken the leap towards doing so.

It’s important to consider how this dream makes you feel – if it feels positive then it could be indicating an exciting opportunity ahead; however if the feeling is negative then maybe now isn’t quite right time for investment decisions at present moment!

Dreaming About Selling Shares

On the other hand, dreaming about selling shares may signify letting go or moving away from something significant in your life – whether intentionally (such as ending relationships) or unintentionally (like leaving behind past habits). This might seem scary at first but remember sometimes we need closure before anything new can begin!

Selling shares can also suggest financial gain – perhaps there’s some unexpected windfall of money coming your way, or you’re about to receive a promotion at work.

Dreaming About Losing Shares

Dreaming about losing shares could indicate feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. Perhaps you’ve recently experienced a loss in your life – whether that be financial, emotional, or physical. This dream may be telling you to take some time for self-care and healing before moving forward.

It’s also possible that this dream represents fear or anxiety related to financial stability. If so, it’s important to address these concerns by reviewing finances regularly and setting goals for the future.

Dreaming About Finding Shares

Finding shares in a dream can represent discovering something new within yourself or in your life. It might be an idea that will lead towards success, career advancement opportunities or even new relationships.

This could also mean uncovering hidden talents and abilities which were previously unknown to you! Such discovery leads towards inner growth which is beneficial not only professionally but personally as well!


In conclusion, dreaming about share has various interpretations depending on context and emotions surrounding the experience. Whether buying them means seeking security; selling implies letting go; losing evokes vulnerability while finding ignites possibilities – they all suggest change of some sort ahead! So pay attention next time if any stock market-related dreams pop up in your mind at night because they just might reveal deeper insights into what’s going on with our waking lives too!