Dreaming of Smooch

Dreaming of Smooch

Dreaming of Smooch: What Does it Mean?

As an expert in dream interpretation, I have seen countless people come to me with dreams about kissing and smooching. While some may find these dreams exciting and romantic, others may be left feeling confused or even disturbed. So what does it mean when you dream of smooching someone? Let’s delve into the topic and explore the various interpretations.

The Meaning Behind Dreaming of Smooch

The act of kissing is often associated with intimacy, affection, and love. It can represent a desire for emotional connection or physical pleasure. When we dream about smooching someone, our subconscious mind could be trying to convey different messages depending on who we are kissing.

Kissing a Romantic Partner

If you are currently in a relationship or have feelings for someone specific, dreaming of smooching them could simply indicate your longing for closeness and intimacy with that person. It might also suggest that your current relationship is going well or that you feel content in your love life.

However, if the kiss feels awkward or uncomfortable in any way during the dream sequence, it could symbolize underlying issues within the relationship that need to be addressed.

Kissing Someone Unexpected

When we dream about unexpectedly smooching someone who is not our partner (such as an ex-partner), it can represent repressed desires or unresolved feelings towards them. This type of dream might signify nostalgia for past relationships or regret over lost opportunities.

On another note, if you don’t recognize the person you’re kissing at all in your dream – they’re just a stranger – this could imply new experiences coming up soon such as making new friends/connections etc., especially those which bring excitement into your life!

Kissing Someone You Dislike

It’s not uncommon to experience unsettling dreams where we’re forced into unwanted situations like being forced by social norms/expectations/social pressure to kiss someone we dislike. This type of dream can symbolize feelings of powerlessness or frustration in a situation where you feel pressured into doing something that goes against your will.

Alternatively, it could represent the need for self-acceptance and self-love; learning how to stand up for yourself and saying "no" when necessary.

Other Interpretations

Aside from personal relationships, there are other interpretations of smooching dreams that don’t necessarily involve any specific person:

Lack of Affection

Sometimes dreaming about kissing can indicate loneliness or lack of affection in one’s life. If this is the case, it’s essential to acknowledge these emotions and find ways to fulfill our emotional needs positively.

Creative Energy

Kissing can also signify creative energy flowing through us – an expression of passion. It may indicate a new beginning, whether it be with art projects or other areas requiring inspiration/motivation/enthusiasm!


A dream featuring smooching could also suggest reconciliation between two people who had previously been estranged emotionally or physically.

Final Thoughts: What To Do When You Dream Of Smooch?

When interpreting your dreams, remember that they’re deeply personal – each individual experience is unique! It’s important not only to take note of what happens during the dream but also what emotions you felt while having them (fearful? excited?). There’s no single meaning behind any particular action/symbolism as different things could mean various things depending on context etc., so always try looking at patterns rather than trying too hard searching for definitive answers!