Easy Dog Tricks to Train Your Dog

Top dog trainers say that training your pet will turn them from a wild puppy into a cute, well-behaved, and intelligent pup. For those of us who might—just maybe—not be professional dog trainers, below are some easy tricks you can teach your pooch! Have fun with it and enjoy the bonding time.


The crawl is a basic dog trick that is easy to teach. It’s also fun for both you and your dog!

To teach your dog the crawl, get down on your hands and knees. Place one hand in front of you and use it to lead your dog forward by following it with his nose or paw. He will soon learn how to crawl after you by looking at where your hand goes. You can also encourage him with treats when he does something right until he gets it right all the time!

Crawl is a great way for dogs to stay fit while having fun with their owners!


Fetch is a classic dog trick. It’s also easy to teach and fun for you both!

To teach your dog how to fetch, start by throwing a ball or toy across the room. When they run over there to get it, say “fetch” and toss it again. Each time they bring back what you’ve thrown them (and most dogs will), reward them with praise and maybe even more treats. Eventually they’ll start bringing the object back on their own when you say “fetch.” Eventually you can progress from throwing objects in different directions around the room to throwing them farther away—and then across the yard!

As with any training activity, make sure that your dog does not become overwhelmed or frustrated by doing too much too soon; keep sessions short and sweet so that he doesn’t get discouraged!

Roll over

Rolling over is a great trick to teach your pup because it’s easy and fun, while also being a useful skill they can use at home (to get treats from your hand, for example). It may seem like an odd thing to want your dog to do but rolling over is an important part of a healthy core strength for Fido, so having them learn how is actually beneficial. Plus, this trick will help you both bond faster than ever before!

Shake hands

It’s easy to teach your dog this trick, and it will impress your friends. The best way is to use a treat or toy in one hand, and when they reach for it, put the other hand out so that their paws touch yours. The idea here is to keep the treat/toy in front of them so they have no choice but to shake hands with you! You can also do this without using anything at all by just grabbing onto their paws while they are reaching for something else (like another dog).

Make sure that you repeat this exercise over time before asking your dog if they want to play “shake hands” because most dogs have no idea what this command means yet!

Play dead

This is one of the easiest tricks you can teach your dog, but it requires patience and concentration on both parts. The first thing you need to do is get down on all fours so that you are eye-level with him/her. Then, when they look at you and give a bark or growl (something like “woof”), use an authoritative voice as though saying “stop” or “no”, then push on their head several times until they fall over onto their side (the same way humans would fall over if we were pushed onto our side). Next step is teaching how long they need to stay lying there—you’ll know when it’s time because they’ll try getting up! Just say “stay,” wait a few seconds until he stops moving around; then repeat this process again until he starts playing dead willingly without needing any force applied against them whatsoever!

The spin trick

The spin trick is a fun way to get your dog to spin in circles on command. It is a good trick to teach your dog if you have a large backyard, but it’s also great for people with smaller apartments and limited space.

To train this trick, begin by using treats as rewards as you will need them when teaching your pet how to do it properly. Once he has learned what “spin” means and that he gets rewarded when he does it, start practicing without the treat until he begins spinning on his own without it being necessary for him to be prompted by something edible.

Weave trick

The weave trick is a fun and challenging trick to teach your dog. Your dog will need to move in a zig-zag pattern through your outstretched arms. As you move your arms left and right, your dog will follow by weaving back and forth through them.

This is a great way to tire out your dog! It can also be used as part of obedience training for agility competitions.

Back up trick

This trick is very useful in situations where your dog is getting too close to something dangerous. You can use this trick to keep your dog out of trouble and avoid any bad situations, such as running into moving traffic or wandering into someone’s yard. This is also a good trick for training purposes because it helps build trust between you and your dog.


If you are looking for an easy trick to teach your dog, then begging could be the one. Teaching a dog how to beg is one of the easiest things you can do, especially if they already know how to sit up on their hind legs. All you need is some food and a treat that they love and they’ll quickly get the hang of it! Once they understand what ‘beg’ means, you can move onto practicing other tricks.

Take a Bow

To teach your dog to take a bow, the first thing you’ll need to do is get them sitting. You can do this by saying “sit” and then giving them a treat or petting them. Once they’re sitting, hold out another treat in front of their nose so that it’s about chest-height for your dog. Then say “bow” and drop the treat on the floor behind you as if you were bowing down yourself! This will encourage your pup to also lower himself down like he’s taking a bow at an award ceremony.


Overall, as long as you have patience and dedication to teach your dog tricks, it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will training your dog keep their minds active, which will lead to a more content pup, but training can also significantly strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Like we said before, there is no limit on how many dog tricks you can train them—so make sure to get started!