Family Night Ideas: How to Throw a Family Reunion

One of my favorite family traditions was always the annual family reunion. We would all go to Grandma and Grandpa’s and enjoy a picnic outside, play games in the yard, tell family stories, eat good food and just have fun with each other. My mom loves doing anything that involves these types of activities. She was the one who took care of all of the planning and organization…and I’m not sure where she got this love, but I know that my dad didn’t come into any involvement until it came down to game night/movie night.

But you don’t have to be like me or my mom….because if you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you want to know the best way to plan out an awesome family reunion. Well…all it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation!

Why have a Family Night

Family reunions can have many reasons behind them. Some communities will have a family reunion dinner at the local fire house or the community building every year to celebrate their community, some churches might do it once a year for fellowship together after Sunday service, and some families just love to get together with each other because they are so proud of all that they’ve been through together as a family.

It’s important to sit down and decide what you hope to achieve with your Family Night plans, so that you can start with the basics:

  • What time do we want to meet?
  • How long do we want it to last?
  • What kind of games/activities will we be doing?
  • What kind of food will we be having?
  • Where is a good place to have a family reunion?
  • How many people are going to attend?

Being prepared for the answers to the above questions will help you in knowing how much planning needs to happen before your Family Night Out. Because if you plan for a big event, don’t forget to invite everyone and their families. And if you plan for a Family Night and only five family members show up, it’s not going to be as fun as you thought it would be!

Benefits of planning a Family Night

There are many reasons why having a Family Night is beneficial for your family.

Re-connect with the family – sometimes families just get so caught up with living their daily lives that they can’t take time out to bond together as a family. Because of this, friendships and relationships start to become weak. Having quick Family Nights throughout the year will keep your family close together.

Give back to the community – this is a good way for you to do something nice in your community because it brings everyone together. Many communities have Family Reunions at different times throughout the year and they aren’t all during the summer months. This is a great time of fellowship with other families in your area, so why not take part?

It’s all about you – sometimes it’s nice to hear what everyone is up to in your family. It’s easy for everyone to stay up to date with Facebook and texting, but nothing will replace the good old fashion face-to-face conversation that is needed within a healthy family. You never know what you might learn about your family members during this time.

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There are SO many benefits to planning out a Family Night with your family, including the fact that they will get to connect more with each other. You can plan movie nights, game nights, or just plain old dinner together so that you have quality time together in one room. But remember…

The most important thing is to have fun!

If you’re having fun, then your family will have fun too! So be sure to try some of these fun ideas if you want to bring your family together more often. You can plan a day where you all go out and eat lunch or dinner together somewhere with good food, good company and conversation.

You can also plan a day where you all go out and do something fun together, like bowling, mini golfing, or go-kart racing at the amusement park.

You might even want to try researching if there is a water park or an amusement park within driving distance for your Family Night Out so everyone gets the opportunity to have fun and do something different.

Maybe you want to try an escape room together as a team building experience. The possibilities are endless! But be sure to do it somewhere where you can get good food and somewhere where you can spend time with your family.

Some Fun Family Night Ideas – What To do in a Family Reunion

You can pick any fun activity from the list below and make it into a Family Night. As long as the entire family participates, it should be a lot of fun.

1. Classic board games

One of the most fun and popular activities to do with your family is playing a good ol’ fashioned board game together. There are SO many out there that you can choose from, so some research is going to be required on this one! Once you find a few games that everyone might like, buy them ahead of time and put them in the closet for when you do your Family Night.

2. Movie Night

This is one of my favorite ideas because there are so many fun things for your family to do together. You can plan to make popcorn and watch a movie as a family (you may want to skip the horror films), or you can make your own Family Movie Night where everyone can bring their favorite movie to watch together.

3. Family Karaoke

So, I’m mentioning this because it’s one of my personal favorites to do with my family! We all love to sing and act like total goofballs so this is always a good idea for us. You can plan ahead and research what karaoke machine is best for your family or you can just bring out the microphone and let the fun begin!

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4. Family Charades

Another personal favorite of mine because it gets everyone up and moving. Plus, you can always have some fun family friendly charades that are just as hilarious as they are entertaining.

5. Disney Trivia

You can plan ahead to play this before you start your night or just use some downtime when you’re done eating to play it. You can even split up into teams to make the game more fun. Try having everyone answer with their own team name each round, e.g., Team Mouseketeers vs The Mice of Men.

6. Family Story Time

This is great for kids because they’ll love having their friends and family listen to them read or tell a story. Plus, it gives the adults in the room a chance to relax and not do much!

7. Family Outdoor Games

This is always a good one to do if you have access to a yard or even just a patio. It gets everyone moving around outside because let’s face it, being indoors all the time can get pretty tiring! You could play horse shoes, badminton or even something as simple as playing catch with a football in the yard just to get some fresh air and get the blood flowing.

8. Family Redo

Everyone knows the stress of trying to get a photo together with your family where everyone’s smiling…it can be a nightmare! You could plan ahead and have one person take a photo of the group just goofing around. Then, you could redo that photo with everyone being more serious and it’ll still look great because at least everyone’s happy.

9. Family Art Night

This is always fun because everyone can get involved. You can do an art of something like a tree or paint your own masterpiece. It’s all about having fun and it gets the whole family together to bond over creativity.

10. Family Scavenger Hunt

You can plan ahead or just make this up on the fly. Either way, get everyone involved in trying to find clues around the house that lead to where something is hidden. When you finally get to your “treasure” it could be a new board game for next Family Game Night!

11. Family Quiz Show

This is very similar to the trivia game, but you could also make this one up on the fly. Split everyone up into teams and have each team line up against another in a quiz show type contest where they answer questions about their family or specific events that happened over the years.

12. Favorites Swap

You can plan ahead for this one and have everyone bring a few of their favorite items. Then, place them all on a table and then have everyone draw a piece of paper from a hat. The person with the item you drew wins that item as a special family keepsake! If you decide to exchange presents but you don’t know what to buy for your little ones, check out this list of cool astronomy gifts for inspiration.

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13. Dance Party

If you don’t want to go out, why not throw a dance party? Get everyone up and dancing and see who has the best moves. You can also play music and have people guess what song it is by guessing the lyrics. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even make up your own songs! Add a star projector in the mix and you have a great atmosphere for your party!

14. Family Bike Ride

Get everyone together and ride bikes or scooters down the road. This is a great way to burn off some energy and get everyone active. You can either ride back home or keep going until you reach a certain destination. Cycling with the entire family can be lots of fun!

15. Family Picnic

This is something I’ve done many times with my family and we always have a blast. Just pack everything you need and head out to a park or other outdoor area. Bring along snacks, drinks and maybe even a picnic basket filled with goodies. There are so many different things you can do while eating outdoors. 

How to plan for the event

When you plan for your Family Night, you can make it as simple or complex as you want. You could even get crafty and make it a weekend event where every night of the week is something new and exciting!

Step 1: Pick a Date and Time

– Planning ahead is always important so you can properly prepare for your Family Night.

– You can have them on a regular night of the week or pick an event that everyone in the family will look forward to.

Step 2: Pick a Theme

If you want, plan ahead and have a theme for each week or month. Some examples of themes are:

  • Board games
  • Movies
  • Family recipes
  • Art projects

Step 3: Prepare for the Event!

A lot of planning will go into your event so you must prepare for a successful evening that everyone will enjoy! Would you need to prepare food? Do you need to clean beforehand? Make checklists and get done anything that needs finishing before your event.

Step 4: Invite Everyone and Start the Fun!

Once everything is all planned, it’s time to invite everyone and get started! It can be a lot of fun planning these activities so you should really enjoy your Family Night together. When you celebrate special events for your family it creates meaningful memories that last forever. Your kids will love doing something other than playing games

Relax and Enjoy! At the end of the night, you should take a moment to reflect on what you all experienced. Take in every moment so you can cherish these memories with your family for an eternity!