How to Potty Train Your Dog to Go in One Spot

If you’re a dog owner, you know that it can seem like your dog will go to the bathroom anywhere — except where they’re supposed to. If you want to take back your home, this series of tips is for you. We’ll teach you how to potty train your pup in one spot so that clean-up is more manageable and less stressful for both of you.

Make sure your dog is ready to be potty trained first.

Before you begin potty training, make sure your dog is ready to be trained.

  • Your dog should be at least 6 months old.
  • Your puppy has to be healthy and free from any health conditions that could hinder training, such as hip dysplasia or urinary tract infections.
  • Your puppy should have the physical ability to hold it for at least a few hours before they go out (the time it takes depends on their age and size). If your puppy is smaller than 10 pounds, they may not be able to hold it for long periods of time without going outside yet.
  • The most important thing is motivation—your dog needs to want to go outside so much that he’ll never want anything else! Not every dog will naturally develop this urge; if your pup doesn’t seem interested in going outside just yet, give him some time before trying other methods of potty training him like crate confinement or paper training him instead

Train your dog where you want them to go potty.

Pick a spot where you can easily clean up and that is easy to get to with the dog. You want the area well-lit, so you can see what’s happening around your pup (and vice versa). It should be in an area that has enough space for them to comfortably pee or poop without feeling cramped, but not so wide open that they feel too exposed. The surface of choice should be something easy for both human and animal feet alike: grassy lawns are best, but concrete works just as well if there’s nowhere else available. Also keep in mind: if possible, pick an outdoors location so long as it won’t freak out your canine companion!

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It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash while they are learning the boundaries.

It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash while they are learning the boundaries. This helps you keep your dog safe, and it helps you control the situation. Once they’ve learned what is and isn’t acceptable, then you can let them off the leash.

It also helps if they are in an area where there won’t be any distractions. The last thing you want is for your puppy to learn that peeing on the sidewalk is okay but peeing outside isn’t okay because there were too many people walking by!

Use treats or smells outside to help reinforce the behavior you want.

To help your dog learn where to go, use treats or smells outside to reinforce the behavior you want. You can also use a clicker if you want to try that method (a clicker is like a small device that makes a clicking sound when pressed). The idea is simple: every time your dog goes outside in the right spot, give them a treat or reward them with something they love. After some time, they’ll begin going there on their own without you prompting them by using treats or clicks.

Be patient! Potty training is an ongoing process.

You’re going to want to be patient! It can take a while for your dog to learn the routine and start using the designated area with regularity. If he keeps going in other places, don’t get discouraged; this is just part of the process. Keep repeating your process until you see results, and don’t give up if it takes a few tries.

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The most important thing is not punishing your dog when they have an accident—this will only make them afraid of you and associate you with punishment rather than good behavior (which is what we want). Instead, reward him as soon as he pees outside his spot by praising him or giving him a treat; this will encourage him immediately after doing something good instead of scolding him later when he makes a mistake.

You don’t have to let your dog go in your house, even if it seems like it scores them more snuggling time.

Your dog isn’t stupid. They know when you’re going to give them treats and pets and playtime, so they’ll try to get more attention out of the situation by misbehaving. If you have a spot where your dog can go potty that gets both treats/pets and attention when they use it, they will be more likely to choose that spot over your carpet or furniture if given the option.

Your dog may also be trying to tell you something about how he or she feels about going outside. Maybe there’s something else in your yard that scares them (like a strange smell), or maybe he wants to do his business somewhere private rather than being watched by everyone who passes by. Dogs are very expressive creatures who communicate using body language as well as verbal cues, so take some time each day just watching him as he does whatever it is he does: eating breakfast before school/work; playing with toys; curling up next to me on the couch after we’ve had dinner together at home alone together instead of eating out somewhere fancy like we used too often do because I’m too cheap…

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Your dog is never too old to learn new tricks, and this is one of the most valuable ones they can pick up! Even though it may be frustrating at first, you’ll soon find yourself saving time and money on cleaning. The best part will be all those extra snuggles your pup gives you as a reward for being such a great teacher!