How to Tell If a Male Dog was Neutered

Neutering is the process of removing the gonads from a dog. This can occur for medical reasons, such as preventing future cancers, or for social reasons, such as eliminating bad behaviors. There are many ways to tell if a male dog was neutered and one way is through careful observation and examination of physical attributes.

Evaluate the Sex Organs of a Male Dog

A dog’s sex organs can be evaluated by examining the dog’s anatomy. The male canine has a penis that typically emerges from the body when aroused and pointed in the direction of its tail. The female canine has vaginal orifice, which is located between her rear legs with no external indication of her gender. Both sexes have nipples that are not normally visible unless they are swollen and enlarged due to breastfeeding puppies or lactation, but males tend to have larger nipples than females because of their larger size overall.

Look at the Testicular Area and Scrotum

The scrotum, which is often referred to as the “sac”, houses the testicles of your dog. It’s located between his rear legs and hangs down from mid-thigh to knee height. You can easily see it when he lifts his leg to urinate or defecate.

If your dog has been neutered, then one testicle will be missing from each side of his scrotum. So if you notice two testicles, then he has not been neutered yet. If a male dog is fixed before going through puberty (before reaching sexual maturity), they’ll likely have a smaller size than an adult male who wasn’t fixed early on in life; however, this isn’t always true so don’t rely on it!

Know the Purpose of Neutering a Male Dog

  • The purpose of neutering a male dog is to reduce unwanted breeding and therefore reduce the number of animals in shelters.
  • Neutered dogs will not be as likely to develop prostate cancer or perineal hernias.
  • Neutered dogs are less likely to roam, fight, and mark territory.

By completing these steps you will be able to determine if a male dog was neutered.

By completing these steps you will be able to determine if a male dog was neutered.

Neutering is the surgical removal of the testicles, which results in a decrease in testosterone production and therefore an increase in health and behavioral benefits.

  • A dog’s testicles should be located on either side of his body just below his external genetalia (penis).
  • The normal color of testicles is usually pink or flesh colored but may also appear blue due to poor circulation or bruising. If a male dog has been fixed, then his testicles should not be present.


Remember, having a dog neutered can be an extremely important step in ensuring the health and well-being of your furry friend. However, if you’re not sure whether or not your dog has been neutered, this guide will help you determine if your male canine is intact.