Learn how To Train Your Dog to Stop Begging for Food

How to stop a dog from begging for food is an issue every dog owner has to face. You want to love your dog unconditionally, but you also want to prevent your dog from feeling hungry. This is not the easiest thing to do. It is common for dogs to constantly need food. If you allow your dog to beg, he will continue to beg. The more your dog begs, the more he will beg. You must teach your dog how to stop begging.

What is Begging?

Begging is a behavior your dog does to ask for food. He will whine, bark, or stand in front of you. He might even push his food dish towards you. You know your dog is begging when he looks at you with big, sad eyes. If your dog begs constantly for food, it can be frustrating to handle him.

Dogs beg for food because they do not know any better. The more your dog begs, the more he will do it. Since dogs are so persistent when they want something from you, it can be difficult to teach your dog how to stop begging.

Ways To Train Your Dog To Stop Begging For Food

The first step is to separate your dog from food. Feed him while he is inside. You may want to allow your dog to eat on the floor while you watch. However, you must never give your dog a bowl of food while he is outside. If you do, he will learn that begging earns him food.

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As soon as your dog sits down, take the bowl away. Leave the food on the floor. When your dog jumps up to the food, tell him “No!” If he jumps up several times, he learns that begging earns him food.

You need to work quickly to stop your dog from begging. His hunger may be making him very excited. If your dog does not get food for a few minutes, he will not be able to control his excitement. This can result in a meltdown, so teach him to calm down before you feed him. Use the “calm down” command. Put your hand gently on your dog’s back. Do not pick him up. You can also hold him gently by the collar or lead. As soon as your dog calms down, give him a small amount of food.

If your dog still begs, you need to put him in timeout. The key is to put your dog in a situation where he cannot get food. Use the leash on your dog’s collar to place him outside the room or house. If you do not have a leash, get a short leash or tie your dog up. When he is in timeout, feed him a few small pieces of food. Do not feed him from your hand or give him a whole piece. Take time to praise him when he stops begging and gets a piece of food.

Tips For Training A Pet Not to Beg at the Table or Countertop

It is not a good idea to feed your dog from the table. If you allow him to sit at the table with you, he will start begging for food. This can be dangerous when you are eating or cooking. Your dog could be injured from a hot dish or knife used in cooking.

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Do not allow your dog on the countertop when you are cooking or eating. He might jump up and knock over a dish filled with hot liquid or sharp objects. The best way to stop a dog from begging at the kitchen counter is to teach him not to jump up there in the first place.

Dogs can learn about basic training very quickly. The key is consistency and patience. The more work you put into training your dog not to beg for food, the better results you will see. Your dog might only need a few days of training before he stops begging for good.