Reasons Dogs Are Afraid Of Stairs And How To Help Them

Dogs can be afraid of stairs, or even steps, which are fairly common things to be afraid of. Most dogs and other animals have a fear of stairs, but sometimes the dogs simply want to escape their surroundings. You may want to help your dog overcome this fear.

Common Reasons Your Dog May Be Afraid Of Stairs

There are many reasons why dogs may be afraid of stairs. It may be because they were chased or caught by their owners. They may have had bad experiences on stairs. They may be afraid of falling, or they may be afraid of heights. Some dogs have a fear of thunderstorms. You can help your dog get over her fear of stairs, and you may discover the reason for her fear.

Some common reasons dogs are afraid of stairs include:

Previous accidents – Dogs who are frightened of stairs often remember previous accidents. They may be afraid of the place or the individual that caused the injury. If your dog had a bad experience on stairs, you may wish to avoid using stairs for a while.

Heights – All dogs are afraid of heights. However, this is usually more of a fear of heights when they feel trapped. This fear can often lead to destructive behaviors.

Fear of falls – Dogs is often afraid of falling. Your dog may see your step as a dangerous place and attempt to avoid it. If you have a dog who is afraid of falls, you can reassure her with food rewards and treats. Keep all of your dog’s favorite treats in a safe place, but make sure she gets to eat them occasionally.

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How To Help Your Dog Overcome His Fear Of Stairs

There are a number of things you can do to help your dog overcome his fear of stairs.

If your dog has any sort of trauma associated with steps or stairs, you need to make sure they are in a safe place before trying to help them overcome their fear. If you feel safe walking up and down stairs, you can offer your dog a tasty treat every time you pass her. Praise her for good behavior, but remember not to pet or touch her while she is scared of the stairs.

Change the scenery – Some dogs get scared of stairs because they are surrounded by them. It may help to move your dog’s crate or house to a place with no stairs. You can get a crate for your dog or you can build one out of wood if you have the skills. When you make the crate, be sure it is wide enough for your dog to stand in with room to turn around.

Avoid the stairs – Some dogs don’t need much to make them afraid of stairs. Avoid using stairs to move from floor to floor. You may need to remove your dog’s crate from a dangerous spot. If you need to use stairs, make sure your dog is in your hands so she has more control of the situation. You may want to keep all of your dog’s favorite treats in a safe place.

Create an escape route – Your dog will need a safe place to escape to if she starts to get afraid of the stairs. You may need to find a place where you can leave her for short periods of time, as well.

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Offer reassurance – If your dog fears the stairs, you may be able to help her overcome her fear by giving her affection and reassurance. Praise her for walking past the stairs, but do not pet your dog while she is scared of the stairs. You should only offer praise and treats when she is calm or after she has mastered her fear.

Teach your dog to walk up the stairs – If you plan on using both steps and stairs, you may want to teach your dog how to walk up the stairs. You can do this by luring her with treats at first. Teach your dog “up” by holding a treat near her head and moving it toward the step. Praise your dog when she stands on the step, and give her a treat when she gets to the top.