Reasons Why Dogs Bury Bones

When our dogs bury bones or toys, it can be delightful or alarming to watch. For example, if you see your pet dog burying a bone in the backyard and they look up at you as they’re doing it, it may seem like they’re saying “Go ahead. Try to find that bone!” They might even be laughing at us for not being able to find it!

Dogs bury things for a lot of reasons. They could be trying to hide something from other animals or people because they want to protect their resources. Or maybe they just find digging in the dirt fun and challenging! In some cases, their ancestors may have buried food because there were times when there wasn’t enough food available everywhere all year round so creating hidden larders made sense as insurance against leaner times coming later on down the line.

Bury bones or toys to hide them. This can be a way to protect their resources and make sure they have something left to eat later.

Dogs are smart, and they like to hide things. If you have a dog who buries bones or toys, this can be a way to protect their resources and make sure they have something left to eat later. Dogs will bury bones, toys and even food! Some dogs will bury items as a way of protecting them from others who might want the item; other dogs may bury an object so that it doesn’t get lost in the house or yard.

They just love digging in the dirt. This is probably related to their hunting instincts and because it’s fun for them.

It’s likely that your dog has buried a bone or two because they enjoy digging in the dirt. The reason why dogs like to dig is because it releases endorphins, which makes them feel good and happy. Dogs are also natural hunters, so they enjoy digging because it helps them to get exercise and feel good about themselves.

So if you find yourself wondering why your dog buries bones and other random objects around the house, just be glad he’s getting some exercise and having fun!

They may hide bones or items from your other pets, especially cats. This can be out of competitiveness or a lack of respect for their personal space.

Dogs are very territorial animals. If they feel like a resource is their own, they will do everything in their power to protect it. This includes hiding objects so that other pets or people can’t get them. Some dogs may bury bones or other items out of competitiveness with other pets, while others may be more protective of their resources and simply want to keep them away from everyone else.

This is also true for things like toys and chews that you give your dog. Because these are often difficult for you to replace (and pricey!), many owners tend to leave these on the floor where their dog has access to them at all times, so as not to waste food by throwing out perfectly good treats if one breaks or goes missing somehow during playtime! It’s important though before giving anything extra special like this out freely because dogs can get quite possessive about what’s theirs when given the chance; even something seemingly insignificant such as an old sock could cause stress upon losing sight of its whereabouts!

They enjoy the challenge of finding buried items again. Some dogs will only bury items if they think you’re watching so they can show off their skills!

Dogs enjoy the challenge of finding buried objects again. Some dogs will only bury items if they think you’re watching so they can show off their skills!

A dog’s need to bury an object might be rooted in a desire for privacy or power. Your dog may feel that by digging a hole and burying an object, he is proving his dominance over his environment and his owners. In other words, he’s saying “I’m in charge here.”


There are many reasons why dogs hide bones: they might want to protect them from other pets, or they may know that it’s not a good idea for their health if they eat too much. It could even simply be the thrill of the hunt! Whatever your dog’s motivation for burying their bones or toys, you can probably rest easy knowing that there is no sinister reason behind their behavior.