Reasons Why Dogs Eat Dirt

You’re out for a nice walk around the neighborhood, watching your dog happily smell the flowers and sniff butts, when suddenly you notice he’s starting to dig. It may be hard to believe, considering how cute your dog is at that moment with dirt flying everywhere and tongue hanging out of his mouth—but what he’s doing isn’t safe! Dirt eating is fairly common in dogs, but it’s definitely not normal. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind why a dog will eat dirt and a few things you can do to prevent it from happening.

A Pica Tendency

Pica is a condition where a dog eats non-food items. Common pica items include dirt, rocks, and ice. It’s more common in puppies because they are still learning what can be eaten and what shouldn’t be. If your puppy is eating dirt, don’t worry about it too much—most of the time it does not lead to serious health problems like gastrointestinal issues do for adults. However if your adult dog suddenly begins eating dirt on a regular basis there could be an underlying medical cause for this behavior.

Nutritional Deficiency

As you’ve probably already guessed, a dog may eat dirt if it is not getting enough nutrients from its food. This could be due to a lack of variety in their diet or if the dog is not getting enough food. A female dog that has just given birth will also sometimes eat dirt as she needs extra nutrients to produce milk for her puppies.

One way to prevent your dog from eating dirt is to make sure they get the right amount of food for their age and size – check out our guide on how much should I feed my puppy?

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Boredom or Curiosity

Dogs are very curious animals. They like to explore and investigate their surroundings. If your dog is bored, he may try to find something fun to do by eating dirt.

Dogs also have a strong sense of smell and they enjoy using their noses to explore things that interest them. Eating dirt can be a way for your dog to satisfy his curiosity about what’s on the ground around him, or it could be an attempt at trying something new in order to see if there’s anything interesting about it.

There are a number of different reasons why a dog will eat dirt, but it is not normal.

Dogs were designed to consume raw food and they should be fed in this manner. They are carnivores who need the nutrients found in meat to survive. In the wild, dogs would not eat dirt or other non-food items because their instinct tells them what is good for them and what isn’t.

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If you notice your dog is eating dirt, it’s important to act now. While not all instances of dirt-eating are serious, they could be a sign of something dangerous. If you can’t get your dog to stop eating on his own, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we can help treat any underlying conditions. After all, why eat dirt when there’re so many great alternatives?