Reasons Why Dogs Fear Car Rides

We all love having our dogs with us, but as much as you might want to take them everywhere, they may not be thrilled about the idea. Some dogs just don’t like riding in the car. That might cause some owners to wonder why their dog hates the car so much. The reasons behind that can be varied, but based on some of my own and friends’ experiences, here are a few things I’ve found that can help:

Dogs get motion sickness.

Motion sickness is a common problem for dogs. It’s caused by the same thing that humans feel: the movement of objects or vehicles. While dogs can become nauseous from car rides, they also can get motion sickness from other types of transportation like boats and planes. Dogs who have been in cars with their owners know what it’s like to be nauseous after being moved around, so they may not want to ride in cars because of this association.

You need to socialize and desensitize your pup.

You need to socialize and desensitize your pup. This is a process of gradually introducing your dog to the car and making it less frightening for them. Start by taking them on short rides at first, with all windows open and treats in hand, so that they associate car rides with positive experiences. If possible, place their seatbelt on them before getting into the vehicle (so they won’t be able to jump out). Then drive slowly around the block while making sure they see other dogs along the way or any other distractions that may help keep their mind off of what’s happening inside of the vehicle. If all goes well during these initial trips outside of home, then you can begin driving longer distances—but still only once per day!

Try to eliminate all the noises.

  • While you might think that talking or singing to your dog is a great way to calm them down, it’s actually the opposite. The sound of your voice can be incredibly scary for a dog, so try not to get too chatty during car rides. Also, don’t play music or turn on the radio; anything with an audio output will only make things worse for your pooch!
  • As strange as it sounds, having open windows in your car can make things terrifying for dogs who don’t like riding in cars—and even more so if there are other dogs outside barking at them as they whiz past by at high speeds! If possible, keep both doors shut as well; this makes them feel much safer since it creates a barrier between them and anything else happening outside (like being able keep their focus on something besides being scared).
  • Don’t spray scents into the car before driving away from home just yet though: Dogs may associate those smells with going somewhere new (which can cause anxiety) rather than feeling relaxed while riding around town later on down south where everything looks unfamiliar anyway!

If you don’t notice a change, keep looking for reasons and solutions.

Don’t give up! The first thing to do is make sure that your dog is safe in the car. Make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the car, like a seat belt that can strangle him if he gets tangled up in it. Also, make sure there are no loose things that he could swallow or choke on while you’re driving around town.

If these things are out of the way and you think your dog has just had a bad experience with being driven around, consider taking him to see an animal behaviorist. An expert can help figure out what’s causing his fear and how to fix it permanently so he won’t be scared for long when going for rides in cars later on down the road!

All dogs react differently to car rides, but there are ways to make it an easier experience for them.

The truth is that all dogs react differently to car rides, but there are ways to make it an easier experience for them.

All dogs should be trained on how to ride in the car before being taken for a drive. If you want your dog to be calm and relaxed during a car ride, then you should train them with positive reinforcement methods like clicker training. This will help build trust between you and your dog and get them used to being around cars so they won’t fear them anymore!

If your dog has never been in a vehicle before, he may be afraid by the sound of sudden movement or loud noises while driving down the road. You can help him get used by taking him out on short trips in quieter areas where there aren’t many people around so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by all these new experiences at once! If this doesn’t work out after several tries though…


While no dog is the same, if you experience any struggles with your dog on car rides, try to think about these ideas as possible solutions to help create a happy and comfortable environment for him. If you find that your dog still reacts negatively after exploring these options, it may be time to visit the vet or consider other opportunities such as driving services or pet shuttles. What are the things that have helped create a stress-free ride for your pup? There may be even more ways to help dogs who fear car rides! Let us know what you tried while making sure our furry friends are always safe during travel.