Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Your Underwear

This is perhaps the most common reason to explain why dogs eat underwear and other inappropriate items. If your dog is not getting enough attention or entertainment from you, he may begin to eat things like underwear and other items as a way to get more of your attention.

Dogs often chew and eat things as a natural instinct. Chewing and eating is a normal behavior for dogs, and is usually more common when they are puppies.

Teething Puppies

Puppies’ teeth start to come in between 3 and 4 weeks of age, and they immediately begin chewing on things. This is a normal behavior, and it should be taken seriously as dogs may try to eat anything that catches their attention.

The Taste of Underwear Is Appealing

Especially if it has been worn for a long time and is packed with the unique scent of your body. In this case, your dog may be trying to get a sweet smell from you by eating underwear. Adding an air freshener or cologne to your laundry can help to remove the appealing scents that make it so tasty for man’s best friend to eat your dirty laundry.

Chewing on Clothing Can Relieve Some Anxiety from Being Left Alone

A bored dog is also more likely to start chewing on things around the house out of sheer boredom and the need for entertainment. Becoming a champion underwear chewer is just one possible result of a dog that has nothing better to do with his life than destroy undergarments.

If your dog seems bored, make sure that he has plenty of toys to play with throughout the day. If you are working, have an automated pet feeder or let him out in the yard to run around while you’re at work.

 Pica Syndrome

Pica syndrome is a psychological condition that causes dogs to compulsively eat non-food items like rocks or dirt. Pica syndrome can also cause dogs to regularly chew on inedible items. This is not just normal chewing behavior. Pica syndrome should be treated by your vet or a professional dog trainer to prevent negative health effects that may result from eating metal, plastic, glass, chemicals, etc.…

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Underwear

You can stop your dog from eating clothing by giving them plenty of toys to munch on instead. When you are not there to watch your pup, always make sure that they are in a secure place with no access to potential chewing items.

If you are away for long periods of the day, consider hiring a pet sitter to stop underwear chewing and other behavioral problems that will appear as a result of boredom.

Scheduling your dog’s day can also help to prevent them from eating your underwear and other items. Make sure they get plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and attention throughout the day so they don’t become bored and start looking for trouble.

A lot of dogs will eat underwear and other items if the behavior is not stopped early on. If you suspect that your dog has pica syndrome or is eating out of boredom, contact a professional trainer or vet to help you get rid of this bad pooch habit.