Reasons Why Your Dog Is Afraid of Kids

Dogs are great. Kids are great. But dogs and kids together can sometimes be a bad mix. Your dog may be afraid of small children, and there’s a good reason for that: they move fast, have unpredictable motives, and often make loud noises. There are a few ways you can help your dog adjust to the presence of these little people in its life, though, so don’t despair! We’ll cover some reasons why your dog is afraid of kids, along with some tips for making them feel safer around them.

Your Dog Had Bad Experiences with Children.

It’s important to note that your dog is still a puppy and is still learning about the world around him. Your dog may have been hurt by children in the past, or left alone with children in the past. This could cause him to be fearful of them now. Sometimes, dogs are trained to be aggressive towards kids by their owners. If this is the case for your dog, then it would be best that you seek professional help!

Your Dog Didn’t Get Enough Socialization.

The first step in overcoming fear of kids is to understand the root cause. In many cases, this goes back to a dog’s early days as a puppy. Puppies should be exposed to as many different people and situations as possible, which will help them become more comfortable around all types of people. This process needs to start at a young age (ideally eight weeks) and continue throughout their lives; it should also happen in an environment where there aren’t too many distractions for either party involved.

Your Dog is Afraid of the Noise Kids Make.

First and foremost, your dog is afraid of the noise kids make. Kids can be loud, unpredictable, and fast. This can be scary for a dog who has never had to deal with kids before—especially if they’re not used to being in a home that has them!

This means you should teach your dog how to behave around children as early as possible. This isn’t something that should wait until they meet their new puppy friend at the park or house party one day; it takes time for dogs to learn things like this so it’s important that you start working on this now!

Your Dog Has a Fear Period.

Your dog may have a fear period, which is a phase that many dogs go through as they develop. This can last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months or more, and it’s normal for young pups to be scared of new things, like children or other animals.

This type of fear is called “social phobia,” meaning that your pup has an irrational fear of people or situations that don’t pose any real threat to him. But don’t worry! You’re not alone in having this problem with your pooch: every puppy goes through it at some point in their lives (unless they’re born without brains).

How to Get Your Dog Over Its Fear of Children?

To help your dog get over its fear of children, you need to create a safe space for it on your property. This means not only keeping the kids away from it but making sure all other family members do as well.

The safest option is to keep your pup in an enclosed area that no one can access without going through you first (like a fenced-in yard or dog run). If this isn’t possible, make sure that there are no open doors or windows leading into that room or at least where the child can’t reach them from where they’re playing.


If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or dog, it is best to get one that has been socialized with children. But if you already have a dog who is afraid of kids and want to change that, the best thing you can do is expose your dog to good experiences with children.

You may find these tips helpful when trying to get your pet over its fear of kids:

  • Spend time near them every day so you can build up tolerance levels gradually by introducing him slowly into situations where he might encounter other people’s dogs or even strangers’ children.
  • Just be careful not let anyone pet him without asking first! This would cause an even worse reaction from his anxiety because he knows that someone else has touched what belongs only to him (his owner). Remember, this takes work but patience pays off!