Reasons Why Your Dog Might Constantly Stare at the Wall

Dogs are known to be in tune with their environment. They are always alert and aware especially when it comes to danger, why will they then fail to notice that something is out of place in their homes?

Most dogs will take a look around the room they are in, to see what is going on. They want to know if there is anything unusual about their environment that might need closer inspection. Sometimes, they may even stare at the wall for minutes not because there’s something wrong but because they are simply trying to make sense of their surroundings.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Dogs Frequently Stare at The Wall

While your dog may spend a lot of time staring at the walls, there is a good reason for it. He might be looking for you or trying to find a way out of the room, or he may be trying to warn you of impending danger.

1) Facing a blank wall can help dogs calm down and relax. Dogs who are stressed and anxious may retreat to a corner and stare at the wall. This is because it allows them to calm down especially if they feel threatened by their environment.

2) Dogs may also stare at the wall as a result of hearing something that has not been detected by humans yet. They may be on the alert for anything unusual and their senses are heightened so they can pick up on something.

3) They might also be trying to send a message to their owners that there is something simply wrong in the room. When your dog stares at a wall, it’s probably because there is something near them or around them that makes them uncomfortable.

4) They might see a moving object that they want to track down. It could be a fly, a bug, or even a reflection of something outside the window in an inside wall mirror. They might think it’s prey and want to stalk it.

5) Some dogs would also stare at the wall as a result of mental distress. They do not understand what is happening to them and they become confused after experiencing some stress or trauma that had shaken their mental stability.

6) Finally Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome. This is a disorder in older dogs that may cause them to stare at the wall seemingly without reason. There are, however, other symptoms that may suggest this disorder including a change in their sleep patterns and a loss of interest in playing.

When your dog stares at the wall, it is important to first determine whether he is simply curious or if he needs help.

If you notice your dog staring at the wall for some time now, it might be best to consult a veterinarian first especially if they have not been separated from their owner or any member of the household for a long time.

Dogs are very social animals and enjoy being around people. When they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, they look for ways to get away from the source of the stress. Staring at the wall is a sign that your dog feels distressed.

If your dog stares at the wall every time you come home, consider talking with your vet about why this might be happening. It is also possible that your dog’s anxiety stems from separation anxiety or another form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is best to work with your vet to determine the best treatment plan.