Reasons Why Your Dog Whines

Whining dogs are the bane of many a dog owner’s existence, but even though there are many different reasons why your dog may be whining, here’s some good news: if you know what’s causing the whining and can figure out how to solve it, it’s usually pretty easy to stop. The reasons dogs whine range from something as simple as needing a bathroom break to more serious issues like pain or injury. Below I’ve outlined some of the most common causes for dog whining, followed by advice on how you can alleviate them.

Is your dog whining…?

Of course, the first step in dealing with your dog’s whining is to figure out why he’s doing it. In many cases, this will be fairly straightforward — your pup may be lonely or bored and just needs some attention. But if you still can’t figure out what’s going on, try taking a look at the situation from another angle: What are the main triggers of whining? Answering this question can help you develop an effective plan for addressing the problem.

If you’re having trouble pinpointing what’s causing your dog to whine all the time and how best to stop it, don’t worry—there are plenty of things that can go wrong when dealing with a problematic behavior like this one! Here are some common reasons why dogs whine:

…because they want to play?

One reason why your dog may whine is because they want to play. Play is a natural behavior for dogs, and it’s important for their physical and mental health. It can be a good way to tire them out if they’re running around the house, or a way to bond with your dog if you like throwing the ball around in the backyard together every afternoon. If your pup whines when you get home from work every day, then asking them what kind of game they’d like to play might solve that problem!

…because they need bathroom breaks?

If your dog is whining and acting like they need to go to the bathroom, this may be the problem. If you let them out in the middle of the night and then not again until morning, then it makes sense that they would want to go outside when it’s dark outside.

…because they’re hungry?

If your dog is whining and you think it might be because he’s hungry, you’re right. Dogs need to eat at least twice a day, so check the time of day and see if that could be contributing to your pup’s behavior. If it is, feed him accordingly. It can also help to train your dog to take regular breaks throughout the day so that he knows when he will get fed next—this helps prevent any unnecessary whining from occurring!

…because they’re bored, lonely or stressed?

Dogs are social animals and need companionship, either from you or another animal. They also need mental stimulation, so many dogs are happiest when they have a job to do — like guarding your home or being your running partner. A dog’s territorial nature means they will whine when they hear strange noises or see unfamiliar people coming into their home or yard; dogs whose territories include areas where other animals may pass through will be especially prone to this kind of whining.

…when they see other dogs?

Dogs can be territorial, aggressive, scared and jealous. When they see another dog in their territory and the other dog starts to get too close, they will bark and whine to get their owner’s attention. If the other dog leaves before the owner arrives, then your own pup will continue to whine until you arrive.

If you want to stop this behavior in its tracks (while also making sure your pet doesn’t have an unexpected visitor), here are some ways that might help:

…when you’re picking up their toys or food bowls?

If your dog whines when you pick up their toys or food bowls, it’s because they don’t want you to take them. This is a normal behavior for dogs that are possessive of their possessions. The easiest way to fix this issue is through training. If your dog knows the word “drop”, then use it every time they whine while trying to take something away from them.

…when they want to go outside and you’re not taking them?

If your dog whines when you’re not taking them for a walk, it’s likely because they want to go outside and see other dogs. This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood with other dog owners who are walking their pups. As much as we would like to think that our furry friends don’t have any jealousy or envy, they’re still animals with complex emotions and thoughts. Your pup wants to be part of the pack just like everyone else!

…for attention or favoritism (towards a particular person)?

If your dog is whining for attention or favoritism (toward a particular person), it could be because he or she wants to feel like part of the pack. Dogs are pack animals, and they want to be included in everything that goes on with their human family. If you’re having company over, consider letting your dog hang out as well.

If you have children and your dog has been whining because he wants them all to play together, try giving him some toys of his own while they enjoy their time together. Your pup will still want to play with the kids but maybe not as desperately if he has something else on which to focus his attention!

…because of pain, illness or injury? (If so, call your vet!)

You may be wondering why this section is here at all. It doesn’t seem like there’s any way that we can tell if our dogs are in pain, right? While it’s true that we won’t be able to know exactly what they’re feeling on a day-to-day basis, there are some signs that will let you know when something might be off. If you’re concerned about anything at all with regards to the health of your pet – whether it’s lethargy and loss of appetite or limping after he takes a few steps – call the vet immediately!

If you know what’s causing the whining and can figure out how to solve it, it’s easy to stop.

If you know what’s causing the whining and can figure out how to solve it, it’s easy to stop. If you want your dog to stop whining, first figure out why he’s doing so in the first place.

  • Is there a specific sound or sight that triggers his whining?
  • Is he bored and looking for something more stimulating?
  • Does he need more attention from you? (Perhaps he thinks that if he whines enough, you’ll give him more attention.)


As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of potential causes for why your dog is whining. There are also a lot of possible solutions to these problems depending on which category your whining falls under. It’s all about figuring out what’s causing the problem in the first place so you can then get it sorted out and put a stop to the loud noises!

We hope this article has helped you understand more about why dogs whine, and how one could go about fixing it. It’s not always easy when dealing with something like this but taking care of an animal requires patience, love, and attention-to-detail from us humans!