Teach Your Dog to Shake Its Paw With Guests

Most dogs love learning new tricks! If you like the idea of teaching your pup how to shake, feel free to try this out. You can work with several different people or train at home by yourself. You must remain patient and praise them when they do well. Before long, your dog will be shaking their paws every time you ask them to!

Teach Your Dog to Shake Its Paw when Guests Come Over

Teaching your dog to shake its paw with guests is a valuable behavior to have. It can keep your dog from jumping on guests and make them feel welcome. To teach this behavior, you will need:

Start with Basic Commands Like Sit and Stay

Before you begin teaching your dog to shake its paw, it’s important to make sure that they know basic commands like sit and stay. This will help make the process easier and ensure that your dog is obeying your commands.

Once your dog knows how to shake on cue, you can start asking it to shake when guests arrive. To do this, you will need somewhere between 3-10 people. Have them ring the doorbell or come into your home and immediately say “shake” in a happy, excited voice. If your dog hears you and lifts up its paw, praise it! You may need to practice with several different people before your dog learns how to do it when you ask.

As your dog becomes better at the behavior, add in “shake a paw” or “paw shake.” This will let them begin to make a connection between performing this behavior and hearing specific words. You can also teach your dog to shake on command if you have a specific

Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

It is also important to reward your dog for good behavior. If you have friends or family members who want to practice, be sure they bring treats and toys. Once your dog has started shaking its paw on command, feel free to incorporate this training into other situations such as when people come over to the house. Properly practicing these behaviors with guests will ensure that your dog is not over-excited and will cause no problems when someone new enters the home.

Be Patient and Consistent when Training Your Dog

You must remain patient and consistent when training your dog. It may take a few tries before they pick up on the behavior, so be sure to praise them when they do it right or give them a treat. If they aren’t responding to your efforts, try using different words such as ‘paw’ versus ‘shake.’ You may also need to prescribe a small break before asking them to try again. If you are trying with several people, make sure that they are all using the same words and actions for your dog to see one clear example of what it is supposed to do.