Why Do Dogs Roll in Poop?

Have you ever noticed that your dog does some strange things with poop? When he comes across it, he will sniff it and then roll all over it. Why does he do this?

What motivates dogs to roll in poop

The scent of another animal on the poop might attract your dog. This is especially true if you know that there were other dogs in the area. Some people have said that they believe their dogs roll in the poop as a way of marking territory. They roll on the feces because it has another animal’s scent on it, and they want to mark that territory as their own.

If you see your dog rolling around in stinky messes, don’t punish him for doing so. While his behavior might be gross, it is instinctive. Instead of punishing or scolding your pup, simply give him a bath to clean the poop off of him.

Does it mean that the dog is dirty If your dog has rolled in feces or something that smells like feces, you may worry that he’s not clean? Remember that dogs are naturally curious and want to check things out. When they find something new, they often will give it a good sniff before deciding what to do next. It doesn’t mean they are dirty.

Will rolling in feces make them sick?

If the dog’s feces is contaminated with worm eggs, the eggs can be transferred to the coat of a dog that has rolled in it. This can lead to an infection which you need to seek veterinary help for immediately.

However, before you get out the hose or start scrubbing with soap and water, consider this. To your dog, he is just doing what comes naturally. And as long as you don’t give him any reason to roll in feces (such as leaving it on the ground and then reprimanding him for rolling in it), there is no real reason to worry about him getting sick.

Once you have removed the feces from your dog’s coat, then it is time to bathe him! You might consider using an oatmeal shampoo or another gentle formula because scrubbing with soapy water can irritate your skin.

What you can do to prevent your dog from rolling in feces

To prevent your dog from rolling in feces, make sure he never has the chance. Don’t allow him to go outside by himself. This way, you can be sure that he is not rolling on something that might be hazardous for him to eat.

Use a leash and lead and only allow him to go outside where you can keep an eye on him. This way, you can prevent him from rolling in anything that he shouldn’t be rolling in.

Teach them some commands, like ‘come’ and ‘stay’ so that you can prevent him from rolling in something he shouldn’t be.

Clean up the yard daily, or at least frequently to make sure that your pet does not have access to feces on the ground.