Why Do Puppies Eat Everything

When you watch your new puppy play, you may notice that he is very mouthy. He may carry around his toys with his mouth, he may pick up some of your furniture or other items in his teeth, and it’s possible that some of these items never make it back to where they belong. While this behavior might be cute during the teething stage, it can be a problem if your puppy doesn’t learn what is and isn’t appropriate to play with.

What is Normal?

The simple answer is that puppies explore their world with their mouths. It’s how they discover textures, shapes, smells and tastes of all the things around them when they are very young. This habit continues with most dogs through their entire lives. It is the same type of behavior you see when a dog carries his food bowl around, picks up your shoe or finds some other very interesting thing to chew on for a while.

It’s also normal for puppies to test boundaries during this time as they are learning what the world is all about. They may not have a firm grasp on what is and isn’t appropriate to play with, so they try different things. They may also go through an “Everything Goes In My Mouth” stage as a puppy, but this doesn’t mean it will last forever.

What you need to watch out for is when your dog starts trying to eat or swallow items that could be dangerous for him to have in his mouth, such as rocks, sticks, furniture and other things that aren’t appropriate. In these cases it is possible that your dog has a habit of chewing on inappropriate items because he saw another dog or person do the same thing. This is where you need to intervene!

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What You Can Do

Most dogs learn by playing, so you want to make sure that any new behavior is rewarded rather than punished. Your dog needs to play with appropriate items that he can chew on and carry around in his mouth, so adding some toys to the mix can be a good way of showing your puppy what’s okay to have in his mouth.

But what happens when your dog wants to take your socks, shoes or other things that aren’t toys? When this happens, you want to make sure that he doesn’t get rewarded for playing with these inappropriate items. Instead of letting him play with your shoe, you might want to take it away and give him one of his own toys instead. If he drops the shoe, you can give it back to him, but if he picks it up again, take it away from him. This will teach him that the only thing he gets when he tries to play with your shoes is a time out.

And if you’re a victim of a puppy who likes to steal items and hide them, make sure that you take a toy with you when you leave the house. Your dog might not want to stop playing with an item he’s found unless there’s another, even more interesting one waiting for him at home. Make sure to reward your dog if he drops whatever he has in his mouth, but you should also try to give him a toy or something else that is appropriate for him to have in his mouth.

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Don’t Forget the Cookies!

Puppies are just like small children when it comes to learning new behavior, so if you want your dog to learn what he should and shouldn’t play with, you need to make sure you give him more of what he likes when he plays nicely and less of what he likes when he plays inappropriately. So if you want your dog to leave the items on the floor, make sure that his toys are more interesting than whatever it is on the ground.

Sometimes we even learn new behavior because of our mistakes, but if your dog continues to play with inappropriate items despite all your efforts you might want to take him to see a trainer. This way you will know that you are doing everything possible to stop the bad habit while also helping your puppy learn what is and isn’t appropriate.

So dogs have a natural instinct to chew on things, just like babies have a natural instinct to put everything in their mouths. This doesn’t mean that dogs are being bad when they want to taste the world around them, but it does help you recognize why your dog might be chewing on something he shouldn’t…

So now’s your chance to take back control of the situation!

Because of this, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog and what he might decide to chew on, especially if you are expecting guests or have small children. If you see your dog chewing something he shouldn’t be, make sure to take the item away from him before it causes any damage. But try not to get angry with him, because this will only make him afraid to take things from you.

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You should also try to give your dog more appropriate items (toys) which he can chew on when you are away, so that he doesn’t feel the need to try other non-appropriate ones instead.

If nothing seems to work and it appears that your dog just loves trying to eat things, you might want to take him to see a trainer.

A good dog trainer will be able to analyze the situation and recommend solutions that are right for your particular case. He or she can also help you understand what you should do when your dog makes mistakes so that the bad behavior doesn’t become any more ingrained than it already is.