Why Does My Pitbull Lay On Me?

Everyone loves a pitbull because of their almost human qualities. They are very loyal dogs and seem to commit themselves completely to the person who shows them, love. It is not unusual for a pitbull to run up to certain people they know well, jump on them with two front paws knocking that person down, or hug them so tight it is hard to breathe.

Much like a human, a pitbull will often choose one person as their favorite and they show this in many ways. One way is by always being close to that person whether sitting at their feet or lying across their lap. They seem to crave the physical contact, warmth, and love that only humans can give.

Is Something Wrong?

Some people believe that the reason a pitbull lays on them is that they are trying to dominate them. While this may be true in some cases, it is not always the reason.

Dogs are pack animals and they love their pack leader (you). They like to be close to you because they feel safe with you. Many dogs love to snuggle up next to their owner. But if your dog lays down on you or jumps into bed with you, he could be trying to tell you something.

Your pet dog may lay on you because he wants to be close to you, maybe to keep you warm when the weather is cold when it rains or during a thunderstorm.

Dogs are very sensitive to human emotions and feelings. They know when you are upset and they often try to comfort you by being close to you. So, the next time your pitbull jumps on you or lays down on top of you, don’t be offended. He is just trying to show you how much he loves and trusts you.

If your dog is constantly seeking physical contact with you, it could be a sign that he is not getting the attention he needs or craves from you. Dogs need love and attention just like people do. If you are busy and don’t have enough time to give your dog the attention he needs, he may try to get it from you in other ways such as laying on you. A dog laying on you is a sign of affection, like licking..

He may be experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, or other emotions. Try to comfort him as much as possible and give him the attention he needs. This will help reduce his stress levels and make him happier.

Dogs may feel jealous because they want to be the center of attention themselves. If they see you giving more attention to another dog than to them, they may try to get your attention by jumping on you or lying on top of you. Pay attention to how your dog acts when other dogs come into your home or near you. If your dog seems stressed out when certain dogs are around, it could mean that he is not very happy sharing the attention with other pets in your home.

What Can You Do?

Most of the time, the pitbull is simply trying to show its affection for the person. They are hoping for a response in return such as petting them or talking to them. They like to be comforted and reassured, much like a human.

While this may bother some people, most pitbull owners love this about their dogs. They are not just animals, but friends and companions who love us unconditionally.

As long as your dog isn’t causing any trouble, you shouldn’t be concerned about them staying close to you. It’s perfectly natural for a pitbull to want to be close to their favorite person.

You can train dogs to go to a specific location. Once your dog reliably goes to a certain spot, you can then begin to wean him off of needing to be near you.

If your dog is constantly trying to get attention from you, make sure you give him some quality time every day. This can include taking him for a walk, playing fetch, or just sitting and petting him. If you are busy, try to set aside some time to spend with your dog every day.

There is nothing wrong with telling your dog to go somewhere else if you’re uncomfortable with them laying on you. You don’t need to punish them or use aggressive commands to get them off you. Just tell them firmly to go away and then ignore them for a few minutes. After you’ve ignored your dog for a few minutes, he should be ready to listen to you again. If the behavior continues, repeat this process until it stops.

Giving him treats or other things he wants after doing it might make him want to continue doing it. Instead, try rewarding him when he lays down in the position you prefer, whether it is on his bed or on a blanket or pillow.